How to Repair Scratches on a Corian Countertop

No matter how careful you are, countertops inevitably become scratched or burned. If you aren’t the one that makes the mistake that damages your countertop, it will end up being a guest or another family member that causes the damage. Any household item that is continually used will eventually become damaged, but with Corian the damage can easily be repaired, and in most cases it can be repaired without professional help.

My friend has a Corian countertop, and a guest carelessly left a hot pan on it for an extended period of time. The same individual cut vegetables directly on her Corian countertop, and the serrated knife left some very apparent scratches. The ugly ring made by the pan and the scratches wouldn’t come off with ordinary cleaning, and my friend wondered if her new countertop was ruined.

My friend was devastated, but she chose her Corian countertop because of its resiliency and natural beauty that runs completely throughout the material. She was told by the salesperson at the home improvement store that scratches and other damage are easy to remove and repair since Corian is solid material from the inside to the outside. Unlike laminated countertops, Corian is the same through and through, and scratches and marks are easy to remove and repair.

I recently had Corian countertops installed in my home, and I’m very pleased by how easy they are to clean. I always use a cutting board and set hot pans on hot pads, but after my friend’s experience, I’m also sure if the countertops ever became scratched or damaged they wouldn’t be very difficult to repair.

Removing Light Marks and Scratches

Light surface scratches and marks caused by hot pans are easy to remove and repair using a pad such as a Scotch-Brite sponge with an abrasive side or cleanser. Read cleanser labels carefully, and follow instructions and warnings before proceeding. Most of the time a little elbow grease and the right abrasive cleaner or cleaning pad is all it takes to restore and repair a Corian countertop.

The scratches and the burn on my friend’s Corian countertop came right off with Soft Scrub liquid cleanser. She was relieved the countertop was completely restored to its original condition, and is very happy her countertop is Corian and not marble, quartz, laminated plastic, or another material that isn’t as easy to repair.

Deep Scratches

If the scratches on your Corian countertop are deep, sanding might be required. Consult your Corian retailer for advice on removing deep scratches. In most cases, wet sanding with fine-grit sandpaper will repair and remove deeper scratches, but sometimes an electric sander and course-grit paper is required. In any case, it is possible to repair Corian, and I wouldn’t choose any other material for my kitchen counters.

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