How to Save Money on Your EBay Auctions

Everything you can possibly think of and much more is being bought and sold everyday on eBay. More and more people are getting involved with eBay everyday as well. Whether you want to admit or not, eBay is a terrific place to get things you need at a fraction of the price. It also offers the opportunity to find things you thought you may never find. Of course, eBay can also get people addicted to finding great deals on anything and everything. Also read: A Guide to Selling on eBay.

As an eBay veteran on both the buying and selling ends over the past few years, I have figured the way things sell a bit better than the average eBay user. Through my trial and error as seller and my willingness to bid on any item at anytime, I have collected the knowledge of ways to save money on eBay auctions. Although these ideas don’t work on every auction every time, they almost guarantee that you will save money over the long run.

First, eBay is visited by millions of people everyday making it fairly difficult to “hide” an item or auction you really want from other visitors. There are definitely more popular days and times of day for visitors on eBay though. During these times, auctions tend to end at a higher amount than they would at other times. In order to save money, you want to try and find the auctions that are ending in the less populated time periods. The most populated time is typically Sunday afternoon-evening. Avoid auctions during this time at all costs as the prices tend to be much higher than other times. Early evening on any day is also a common time for eBay visitors. The best time to catch auctions is either late at night or very early in the morning. While many sellers don’t have their auctions ending at these times, you would be surprised how many do. Late night and early morning auctions tend to end much lower than normal and can save you some money.

Besides finding the right time to catch an auction, always try searching for what you are looking for with common misspellings. Many sellers on eBay are listing hundreds of items each day and simply miss spelling mistakes from time to time. These auctions can go without visitors and can also turn into some great eBay steals, saving you money.

My final advice for trying to save money on your eBay auctions is to always look at the listings that seem a little less professional than others. While it is great to have different colored fonts and tons of pictures, some sellers just don’t have the experience to make a professional looking auction. The common eBay buyer may skip over auctions like this leaving you with yet another opportunity save money while shopping on eBay. Related reading: What You Need to Know About Groups & Selling Adult Items

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