How to Save when Buying Kids Clothes in Richmond, VA

Affordable clothes for children can be hard to find, beside the fact that kids’ grow so fast. There have been times that I swore I was going to have to take out a loan just to buy my daughter’s clothes. Then I found a couple of stores that made it all a lot better. Now I can work half a shift of over time and buy more then enough clothes per season. And sometimes I don’t even have to work any extra because these places will buy back gently used clothes that are free from stains.

The way I work it is that at the start of warm weather I pack away all off her cold weather clothes and unpack last summer’s clothes that she has out grown. I then take these clothes to one of the stores and they will look over them and in about 30 minutes give me the price they’ll pay. By that time I’ve picked out new clothes for the season and simply put the money they would have paid toward the cost and normally I only have to spend about $20.00 out of pocket.

This list is to help simplify the search for affordable clothes for you’re children, in Richmond, VA and surrounding areas.

1. Once Upon a Child has two locations, one in the west end of Richmond and the other is in the south side. The one in south side is the larger store with more variety of clothes, though I normally will end up going to both to see what’s at each and what one store might not buy (over stock), the other might. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and great with kids. Both stores have something that other stores do not, areas for the kids to watch a movie or play with the toys while you shop. Plus neither store is so large that you can’t see you kid/s from anywhere in the store. To sell out grown clothes you simply take the clothes in side and tell the associate what you would like to do, then while they look at the clothes you can either shop or go out and come back. Richmond West End (804) 346-5552 Richmond South Side (804) 272-2229

2. Kid to Kid is another wonderful store with two locations. They also sell gently used clothes, but they also sell maternity wear. Once you have a baby they will gladly buy the maternity clothes as well as babies clothes. The one thing I don’t like is that you have to make an appointment to sell. Glen Allen (804) 290-0441 Midlothian (804) 763-0708

3. For the teens in your life, Plato’s Closet is the place to go. They buy and sell gently used teens’ clothes without an appointment. If you (or your teen) decide not to buy they will pay cash for the clothes they buy. (804) 282-0725

I hope this list helps in saving some money while dressing your kids and teens for the years to come.

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