Twelve Oaks and Other Malls in Michigan

Michigan is known for its wonderful shopping experience. We have strip malls, shopping malls, outlets and casual stores here. The question is, which ones are really worth your time. Below are some great malls that have something for everyone.

Twelve Oaks Mall is located in Novi, Michigan. Novi is a suburb of Detroit, Michigan. This mall is currently being added on to. Its 1.2 Million ft will be expanded to 1.5 million feet this fall. Currently having 180 stores and hopes to add another 25-30 stores. Twelve Oaks welcomes all kinds of people. They have a walking club for people who love to mall walk. They cater to children here. In the center of the mall there is an area for the little ones to enjoy. This area is all carpeted, fully stocked with toys and benches. Near this area their is a family rest room with changing areas for babies and child size toilets. The life style caf�© food court was recently added. With over 10 different types of food to choose from. A large area to sit back and enjoy your food. This mall was very clean when I went.

Fairlane mall Is located on Michigan Avenue in Dearborn, Michigan. A very stunning theater is located right here in the mall. With 21 screens, video arcade and a make your own sundae bar. 180 stores are located inside this mall. Two different areas for your children to play in. On the 1st floor there is a series of coin operated rides. On the 2nd floor an area they call the Lilly pad. With climbing and sit on toys. Over 15 different restaurants located in the food court.They often have special events that take place here. Most recently they had safety day.Which offered child finger printing from AAA, Dearborn police were their teaching children about safety. Everyone who came received a Free goodie bag filled with different items. Fairlane is considered one of Michigan’s largest enclosed shopping centers.

Great Lakes crossings (my favorite) is located in Auburn Hills, Michigan. With more then 200 stores located inside this mall. 1.4 million feet make up this mall. The mall is kept very clean. You will see cleaning people all over this mall. The main attraction in the mall is the tropical themed food court. In the food court you will feel like you just walked into a tropical village. Its filled with live fish, animated animals and sounds. You will hear rain storms with thunder and lightening. The rocks are all hand sculpted. My kids loved the talking tree that told them all kinds of facts about the rain forest. All different kinds of food are served here from salads to pizza. All served by safari guides. There is even a coffee bar that has a giant mushroom over top of it, with jungle animal bar stools. If you don’t want to shop at least come visit the food court. Its fun for the whole family. A theater is located inside this mall with 25 screens, make your own nachos and sundaes. The even have an extended menu in case you want a hot dog or things to that nature.

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