Nair Lightening Effects

There’s a lot of different ways to remove or bleach unwanted hair. But Nair Lightening Effects hair lighter pre measured bleach may not help. I had purchased Nair because I like the idea of pre measured bleach to cut down on the mess factor. The box is pretty easy to notice in a light pink box. It offers 6 packets with the mixing tray, applicator and instructions.

You basically take the two packets and mix them together in the small mixing tray which a pink cream result. They say it’s for face and small body partsâÂ?¦small indeed. The amount is very small and you apply it with a spatula.

You’re suppose to wait for 8 minutes and then scrap it off to check how it’s working. Then if the area is still not lighten, you’re suppose to apply more of the product for an additional 5 minutes. It would honestly amaze me if someone could stand having this product on their skin for the full 8 minutes much less an additional 5 minutes. Plus I wouldn’t be surprised if someone had to open a new packet to make more of this product to cover the area effectively.

The product reaction was it itched like crazy. It was just too much and had to be rinsed off after 7 minutes. Did it lightenâÂ?¦nope! Next time I’ll be more selective, I now understand why this product was on clearance. I recommend those with very sensitive skin to stay away from this product. I wouldn’t dare put this on my face as I’d be afraid it’d burn the skin off there.

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