Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is fast approaching and if your Dad is anything like mine, you’ve got an unsung hero to shop for, who wants for nothing. Let’s see if we can find him something special and a little out of the ordinary to mark the occasion.

Is your Dad a gadget guy?

ThinkGeek.com has the TV-B-Gone listed for a mere $15.99. This two-inch long little beauty slides right onto Pop’s key chain and allows him to turn off virtually any television set in range. Think of the fun he could have cruising through the house, torturing poor Mom by dismissing her re-runs of “Diagnosis Murder” just as Dick Van Dyke is getting to his “Ah ha!” moment.

And if turning off the television is not your Dad’s primary boob-tube concern, ThinkGeek.com also has a universal remote control handily cased in a slick looking wristwatch. No reason for him to get up from his Barcalounger and pull the cushions apart looking for that darned remote, its strapped right to his wrist! Now, instead of discharging Dick Van Dyke, he can just switch him over to NASCAR with a flick of the wrist! The Midas Remote Control Watch can be found at ThinkGeek.com for $29.99.

How about adding a little charge for his Father’s Day? The TO262 Power Station could be just the thing for all his electrical needs. A compact, portable charging machine, the Power Station can power up everything from a dead car battery to a cell phone or laptop computer. Complete with jumper cables and carrying case, the TO262 Power Station is available at GadgetUniverse.com for $149.95.

Is he a sap?

Does he still have your room set up the way you had it when you first moved away to college, Def Leppard posters and all? SharperImage.com has a digital photo frame that displays pictures right out of his digital camera’s memory card. This snazzy picture frame is rechargeable and even allows Dad to create slide shows if he can’t choose between his picture of you with the Flock of Seagulls hair cut or the one where you’ve got your six year old tush wedged in the waste paper basket. The Philips 6 1/2-Inch Rechargeable Digital Photo Frame is available at Sharper Image.com for $249.95.

Does he need a new camera to take more incriminating photographs of you to display embarrassingly in his digital picture frame? SharperImage.com has got a sleek little Olympus 6.0 MP Digital Camera with image stabilization and PictBridge printing capability. Easy point and shoot picture taking is ideal, even if Dad is less than savvy with the latest in digital technology. At $199.95, this little camera should provide the sappy Dad with all the ammo he needs for fill his photo album arsenal without breaking the bank.

Is he a grill guy?

If your Pop is one of those guys who think that even spaghetti should be done on the grill, there are a couple of things out there that should flip his Bar-B-Q lid. If he spends the first half hour of his grilling experience each night cleaning the previous night’s meal off the rungs of the grill, you might consider the Motorized Grill Brush from Brookstone.com. This battery operated, rotating bristle brush takes the torque of cleaning the grill, and is easy to use with single button action. Listed at $25.00, you may want to throw in a new pair of tongs as well.

If Dad is prone to wandering away from the dinner as it sizzles outside, the Grill Alert Talking Meat Thermometer may be just the thing to save dinner. Set the probe in a piece of meat on the grill, tell it what kind of meat you’ve got cooking, and just how you’d like it done, and you’re free to cruise, as far as 300 feet, away from the grill, and the remote display (which can be clipped to your belt for easy carrying) will let you know when your dinner is done. The Grill Alert Talking Meat Thermometer is available from Brookstone.com for $75.00.

For Father’s Day this year, tell Dad you know that deep down he’s never really been a tie guy. Release the inner technophile in him and let him know what a great gadget, sappy, grillin’ guy he is!

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