How to Sell Knitting and Crochet Used Books and Patterns on EBay

How to Sell Knitting and Crochet Used Books and Patterns on eBay

Are you looking for fun and profitable items to sell on eBay? Consider crochet and knitting books and patterns – a great choice! Needlework enthusiasts are always on the lookout for new patterns and techniques. By specializing in these publications, you can make extra money or create a full-time Internet business! This article tells which used books and patterns to buy at garage sales and thrift stores, and how to list and sell them profitably on eBay.

Where to Shop
Look for your books and patterns at garage sales, rummage sales, estate sales, and thrift stores. Prices for used books and patterns will be very low at garage and rummage sales. Estate sales will have higher prices, but offer collectible publications. Regional thrift stores usually offer low prices, while some large chain stores price too high for resale.

What to Pay
Generally try to buy pattern leaflets for under a dollar and used books for a dollar or two. You can pay more for vintage books and patterns (discussed below), and still sell them very profitably.

What to Buy
Carefully consider all knitting, crochet, and tatting books and patterns you find in gently used or better condition. General how-to knit or crochet guides are plentiful and do not sell well. Instead buy more popular publications on focused topics. For example, a pattern booklet on crochet stoles should be in demand. One on metallic thread crochet stoles is more focused and will probably bring an even higher price.

Vintage Books and Patterns
Most books and patterns published in the 1970s or earlier are considered collectible. You can pay more for these as they usually bring higher prices.

eBay Categories
Once you are a registered eBay seller, spend some time reading the help resources on the site. The mechanics of setting up your auction business are covered here. It is important to choose the right placement for your book and pattern listings. Two options are the main categories of Books and Crafts. Currently there are sub-categories of Crocheting Patterns and Knitting Patterns under the Crafts category. Non-fiction Books has a sub-category of Crafts & Hobbies.

eBay Listings
Write focused headings for your auctions to catch browsers’ attention. Include key words relevant to the subject of your book or pattern. For example a heading for a collectible pattern booklet on crochet hats might read, “Vintage 1940s Beaded Crochet Hats Pattern Booklet”.

Once you have been paid for your auctions, ship customers’ purchases immediately. Pattern booklets can be sent USPS 1st Class mail quickly and inexpensively. Heavier traditional books can be mailed Media mail (Book Rate). With each step of the eBay auction process, strive to keep your customers informed and happy. By paying attention to the details of your auctions and purchasing wisely, you will be able to build a profitable source of extra money or a profitable eBay business specializing in used knitting and crochet books and patterns!

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