How to Stage Your Home for Sale 2nd Edition

Ok, We were at the front of your house getting a picture from the curb. We need to see these pictures in order to see what needs to be done. You must start at the out side, you will hear me say this all the time. If you get someone who tells you it is all about how the inside looks, get rid of them now.

We will cover this now, think about it. When you go looking or when driving in a area you like you look at the houses that stand out. This can be for good and bad. The really bad houses you are never going to want to see inside are you?The really nice house with lots of curb of appeal you may even slow down and look at a house thats not even for sale. So, I think with this said you can see why you must start on the outside.

The yard should have a good looking lawn. I am not talking about a country club golf course or anything, but should look nice. When you know your house is going up for sale in advance it pays to have some weed and feed applications done. You can even do it yourself as they have bottles that connect to your hose. Trim the edges around walk ways and sidewalks. This give a clean well kept look.

The trees should be trimmed of all dead and over hanging branches. If the lot is to full you may even need a professional to open up your tree tops to get more sun light into the yard and house. The next is your bushes, they also need to be removed if dead, sounds funny, you should see how many houses are for sale with dead brown bushes right up against the house. Trim back and shape, do not allow to overhang sidewalks.

I have written about these above steps before, but they are so important when staging curb appeal they can not be repeated enough. Side walks most be clean and uncluttered. Power wash them if they are dirty. Again sounds funny it not. People look at all these things. We just take it for granted. Don’t have 15-20 planters of flowers all over the steps. First of all they are a tripping hazard and second they will make a mess with dead leaves and such. Which is more cleaning you will have to do.

The front door of the house should be in very good shape. All screens and glass should be functioning and look good. The paint on the doors should be in good shape also, leaning towards a new style look. If they need paint, paint them, if they need replacement, replace them. Even if you don’t buy the high end doors and storm doors it is better to replace then look bad.

I will keep updating this same article. The theme will stay the same and will have more tips added. I do repeat things over again to remind clients to do what we talked about and in case new people are just reading this edition. I will keep writing as my home improvement clients are always asking for more.

Always remember, safety first

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