Make Your Own Window Treatments

It takes very basic knowledge of sewing to decorate your windows and make your own window treatments. However few people know how to make their own window treatments and end up spending more money on inferior window treatments. Here are some simple techniques which will help you purchase and treat your own windows for less.

Preparing Your Windows

Here is an article on how to remove the old window treatments and prepare your windows for new treatments.

Finding the Pattern You Need

Patterns can be purchased at Window Valance Patterns inexpensively of from ShowHome Patterns. There are also many articles on-line which can help you create your own DIY Window treatments. Here is a great article I found on Associated Content!

Buying the Equipment

The rods and hardware for window treatments can easily be purchased at your local hardware store. If you know the type of window treatment you want to create, bring a photo with you to the hardware store. A salesman will be able to direct you to the appropriate hardware you need to purchase.

No-Sew Hemming

If you don’t like to sewing hems, you can use a hot glue gun or iron on hem tape to create the seam.

Choosing the Fabric

Taffeta is a perfect fabric for DIY Window Treatments. Taffeta fabric looks regal and it has warmth. Taffeta fabric is a great fabric which can be easily draped over Window Hardware for a beautiful window treatment without any sewing. Experiment with Taffeta fabric for window treatments. You will be pleased!

Purchasing the Fabric for Window Treatments

For window treatment fabric, it is important to find the fabric for a good price you can buy in bulk. Taffeta fabric can be purchased online from Inweave Fabrics. They are an On-line Discount Wholesale Fabric Store and they offer all varieties and colors of Taffeta fabric. Their friendly staff will be able to offer recommendations to you in regards to your window treatments so if you have any questions, call!

Resources for Creating Your Own Window Treatments

Here is a great article about creating window treatments for a little girls room.

Lowe’s , Menard’s and Home Depot allow you to shop online for your hardware needs and have the hardware delivered directly to your house!

Lowe’s also has an online website which offers creative ideas and solutions for decorating. You can check out Lowe’s Creative Ideas website here.

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