How to Stay Annonymous and How to Bypass Web Filters

Bypassing web filters:

Think of the internet as numbers 1 through 10. A filter will block certain websites, 5-10 for example. Simply put, there are ways to trick the browser into thinking you are accessing websites 1-5, whilst really gaining access to the blocked websites.

One way of doing this is through the use of proxy servers. Below is a list sites containing free proxy lists. You can always search for your own simply by googling “Free proxy list”.

Okay, you’ve got the proxies, but how do you use them?

Now that you have chosen a proxy you would like to use you must configure it in your browser. If you are using Internet Explorer you will need to go to Tools>Internet Options>Connections>LAN Settings>Advanced. You then need to enter the address and port in the fields. Make sure the “Use a proxy server for your LAN” box is checked, click “OK” and you’re ready to go! If you are using FireFox, you will need to go to Tools>Options and click “Connection settings” Choose “Manual configuration” and enter the address and port number.

This method will keep you annonymous and should get you past most web filters. However, it can slow your speed down quite a lot and some may not even work. It can be great if you find a fast proxy though. And remember, you can also undo these changes by navigating back to the connection settings and simply deleting the new data you have entered.

Method 2: The translation trick.

This method can be very effective but does not work every time. By going to Google translator ( ) and entering the blocked site and choosing to translate to the same language this will often fool the web filter into thinking it is a different site and will allow you to view it.

The 3rd and final method is one of the easiest. It works on a select few filters and again “tricks” the filter. Example: Yahoo being a website you can access followed by the “@” and then the blocked website.

These are the main methods for accessing blocked websites. Here are a few other tips that may come in handy.

Using the IP address of a website instead of the actual address can fool the filter. You can find the IP address of a website by either using an online ip converter or by going to your command prompt (Start>run) and typing “PING WWW.WEBSITE.COM” the ip address will then be displayed.

Another tip that may work is making the site “secure”. FOr example, may be blocked but may not be.

These are just a few ways in which you can 1) stay annonymous online and 2) most importantly, bypass we filters and access blocked websites. By trying all the methods above you can guarantee at least one will work.

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