How to Store Boots

Boots are one of the hottest fashion must haves for the fall season. There are great ankle and knee length boots to choose from. With all the wonderful choices of boots out there, you are sure to own many styles and colors of this hot fashion item. Now, you need to figure out how to store so many boots. If you store them the wrong way, they will be damaged and lose their shape. A boot that has lost its shape is not a fashion must have but rather a fashion don’t. Follow these simple steps to store your boots so that they look wonderful whenever you wear them.

Step One

Keep the box that the boots come in. The box that the boots come in is built to store your boots without over crowding them. You will have a difficult time finding boxes that are the right size to store each pair of boots that you own.

Step Two

Crumble up white tissue paper and stuff the boot with it. Fill the boot all the way with the white tissue paper. This will help the boot to keep its shape when it is stored. A boot losing its shape is one of the biggest problems in storing boots. Do not use newspaper for this storage technique. The ink may come off on the inside of the boot and ruin it.

Step Three

Place the boots back into the box in which they came. This will prevent the boots from becoming dirty and damaged when you store them. Take a photo f each pair of boots. Tape the photo of the boot on the end of the box so that you know which boot is inside. Stack the boot boxes in your closet for easy storage.


If you did not keep the box that the boot came in, you can still store your boots without them losing their shape. Stuff the boots full of white tissue paper. Stand the boots upright against a wall in your closet. They will get dusty being stored in this manner. The fact that they are standing up and propped open with tissue paper will help them to keep their shape. If you are really worried about your prized boots becoming dusty when you store them, there is one last thing that you can do. You can drape the line of boots with an old sheet to keep the dust off of them. Just lift the skeet to pick out your favorite boots when you are ready to wear them.

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