How to Store Eyelets, Brads, and Other Small Scrapbook Supplies

If you are like most scrapbookers, you have collected a ton of eyelets, brads, small pieces of paper, etc. The problem with having all these items is where to store them all.

Some of the items that you can use are, bead boxes, tackle boxes, tool boxes, spice rack with glass jars, plastic spice jars, baby food jars, prescription bottles and any other type of storage you can think of. Think outside the box, so to speak, of ways to store these small scrapbook items. Perhaps after you put them in some plastic jars of some kind, you could place them in a nice basket on a shelf. Now your have your items close at hand, but the basket makes your room look nice.

For my personal storage, I have several bead boxes that I use. I have different clips, large brads and flowers in them. I can see at a glance what I have when I open the boxes since they are a frosted plastic. I can keep my items separated by style and color.

I also have a couple of spice racks with jars that I use. Spice racks are very handy because you can paint them to match your rooms decor. They also hang on the wall so you are not taking up valuable space on the table or desk. Clear jars are best so you can see your items quickly. If you have colored jars, you can put a nice label on them so you know what you have and don’t have to search through each jar to find what you need.

Fishing tackle boxes are nice because they have adjustable compartments. I have a box that has the adjustable compartments and it is great for items that are slightly large, like flowers with stems and you can not waste space or cram items into a space too small. Die cuts fit well into these type boxes as well as your chip board pieces.

Tool boxes or tackle boxes are perfect for holding all of your tools, stamps, inks and glues. They are also great for when you are going to a crop because all of your tools are in one place.

If you want to save money on storage, reuse items you already have on hand. Empty prescription bottles, spice bottles and baby food jars are a great way to store your scrapbook supplies without having to buy anything new. You can simply soak off the labels and wash the bottles and jars.

Overall Tips & Warnings

Buy these storage containers at yard sales and thrift stores to save money so you can spend more on those scrapbooking supplies! Just be sure to clean them well and bleach them out if necessary.

Be sure to utilize your “upward” space, like walls with spice racks. This helps to save your desk top space and shows off all the pretty supplies you have.

Scrapbooking can be addictive and get expensive. Find cheap ways to store your items and re-use what you can.

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