How to Tell When Your Elderly Relative Should Stop Driving

Do you have a relative who is over the age of 65, and is beginning to have some difficulty driving? Well then you should really
take the time to read this article and see if they are showing signs of unsafe driving. Some of the signs that you will want to look out for is, bad eyesight, memory problems or loss, hearing problems. These are just a few of the problems that may begin to show up.

But in order for you to determine if this is causing a problem you need to ride in the car with them. You should not tell them that you are coming along to observe their driving. Just try to be as casual as possible, and say that you want to accompany them on their way to the store or something like that. You will want to pay close attention to whether or not they are drifting over the line, or if they are following the speed limit. This includes driving to slowly. When they do this they make other drivers very angry, and may cause an accident unwillingly.

You could also try asking some questions to see how bad their eyesight is getting. For example you could ask did you see that. Make sure that you do not provide too much of a distraction you do not want to be the cause of an accident. If you discover that they are not driving safely then it is time for you to make some tough decisions. Usually when you try and deal with a relative at this age they are not very willing to give up their independence. So you may gradually want to begin offering to take them to their destination. It may also be a good idea to make sure that someone is in the car with them at all times.

Part of the problem is that all you have to do is renew your drivers license through the mail. You do not have to be re-tested ever. I think that maybe it is time they create a new law that will require all people over a certain age to be re-tested. But this is a lot easier said than done. What many families fail to realize is that they are not just putting their elderly relative in danger, but many others as well. If you are still not sure, after trying some of the suggestions above, that your loved one can still drive safely, you should get a doctor’s opinion. A doctor will be able to tell you if they are still able to drive safely.

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