How to Tell Which Work at Home Jobs Are Scams

Working from home can be a tempting idea, and companies that offer work at home jobs are enticing. But, they aren’t all legitimate. Many are scams. But, how can you tell which ones are real jobs and which ones are just trying to cheat you? Here are a few tips to help you avoid the scams.

You should check the company out. Try the Better Business Bureau first. Either call the nearest one, or just go to their website at . There, you can find out if the company has the BBB online reliability seal. You can also see if there are any complaints, as well as how the company handled those complaints. If there are too many complaints, you may want to reconsider the company as a viable option for a work at home job, but a company that manages to handle a minimum of complaints to the satisfaction of its employees or clients might still be worth checking out.

Not all businesses are listed in the Better Business Bureau. While this is the best place for researching, there are other ways to check out a company. Do an online search. Just go to a search engine and type in the name of the company and words like “legitimate” or “scams” in the search. When people have been tricked, they talk about it. You are likely to find a message board or a newsgroup where people have complained. One message board is the Work at Home Mothers forum at It is part of an online magazine for mothers and anyone else looking for work at home jobs. Don’t make any decision too hastily. When checking out feedback from a company, see if there are any corroborating complaints from more than one person. One complaint shouldn’t automatically eliminate a business from consideration. Use your judgment.

Don’t put too much trust into any official website. Places that offer work at home jobs often have websites that have examples of satisfied employees’ feedback. Some of this feedback may be real, but remember it’s the job of the website to make the company look good. Some go so far as to edit complaints and change the meaning of what the person meant to say. Independent accounts are best. They don’t have an angle.

Every job, even one you do from your home has disadvantages, but there are some advantages that may make a work at home job worth considering. For instance, you don’t have to follow a dress code, or go out in bad weather. You get to set your own hours. Some people use their work at home jobs to supplement a family income. But, others have even managed to make a complete living on the money they make. Work at home jobs are worth looking into, as long as you look out for scams.

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