How to Use Baby Oil

There are a variety of ways to use baby oil. If you have a bottle of baby oil sitting around in your drug cabinet, or bathroom, there are other ways to use it besides on your baby. Baby oil is usually cheaper than other varieties of oil. Plus, the packaging is usually pleasant to look at.

Stuck ring. Use baby oil to remove a ring that simply will not budge with any other method. All you need to do is to simply lubricate your ring area with a generous portion of baby oil. Swivel your ring around so that the oil is evenly distributed. By doing this, you should then be able to remove your ring.

Leather polish. To polish up your leather bags and shoes, simply add a couple of drops of baby oil to a soft cloth. Buff and polish your leather goods to restore a luster and new life to them. Be sure to wipe off the excess when you are done.

Bathroom Cleanser. Use some baby oil to remove dirt and build-up soap scum from around your bathtub and shower stall. Simply wipe the surfaces with one-teaspoon baby oil that has been applied to a moist cloth. After you have wiped the scum surface, use another dry towel/cloth to wipe away any leftover oil. To kill any remaining germs, you will then want to spray the area with a disinfectant cleaner.

This same technique can easily be used to clean soap film and watermarks from your glass shower doors. Using baby oil is much cheaper and healthier than using the commercially prepared varieties of bathroom cleaners.

Stainless steel and chrome polisher. Use baby oil to bring back to life your dull-looking stainless steel sinks. You simply need to put a few drops of baby oil on a soft, clean cloth and then rub the areas down.

You can also use this technique to remove those stains from around the chrome trim of your kitchen appliances and bathroom fixtures.

Scented Bath oil. Make your own cheap, scented bath oil out of baby oil. All you need to do is add a few drops of your favorite scent to �¼ cup of baby oil in a small plastic bottle. When you are ready to take a bath, just shake the bottle well and add some drops to your bath.

Bath oil. The same procedure as above works here. Instead of adding the scent, though, simply pour the baby oil into your bath water. It will help moisturize your skin.

Adhesive removal. If you or someone you know has a bandage on, you can make it easier to pull off by simply rubbing some baby oil around the edges and into the top adhesive parts. This will help loosen the bandage and save from the “yikes!” that occur when ripping a bandage off.

Paint removal. Whenever you are using latex paint and get some spatters on you, simply put some baby oil on the spatters and rub. This will loosen the paint. Then, wash

with soap and water to fully remove the paint.

Scratch disguise. If you notice that you have scratches on your car’s plastic dashboard area, rub some baby oil on them. This procedure helps to ‘fill in’ and disguise the scratches.

Buffer. Instead of spending a lot of money on specialty cleaning kits for your golf clubs, simply put a few drops of baby oil onto a towel and polish (buff) your golf club heads. This applies if your golf clubs are chrome-plated carbon steel, by the way. Do this polishing procedure after each round of golf and you will help extend the useful life of your golf clubs. For ease of use, carry a small plastic bottle of baby oil along with a towel in your golf club bag.

There you have it. Use baby oil in any of the above situations and you will get more bang for your buck from this timeless item.

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