How to Use Old Rugs to Decorate Your Furniture

Most people just end up throwing their old rugs in the garbage. But did you know that you can actually put those old rugs to good use? Well if you have some furniture that needs a little face lift then why not use the rugs to give your furniture the new look that they deserve. Or you can buy some second hand furniture and footstools that you may want to decorate and re-sell.

This is a great way to earn a little extra cash on the side. When just starting out it may be best to use a small object to cover, such as a stool or a foot rest. You will also need the following additional materials; an old rug (of course), upholstery foam (if you feel that you need to add a little more cushion), quilt batting, fabric trim, scissors, staple gun, and a hot glue gun.

Once you have all of your materials then you will want to use the quilt batting to add a few layers to your piece of furniture. If you want a little bit more cushion then you should add the foam. In order to hold it in place us the hot glue gun. Then stretch the batting over the top and staple all around the edges. When you are ready to cut the size of fabric from the rug make sure that the size you cut is a little larger than the furniture that you are planning to cover.

Then stretch the material over the top and staple it into place. If you want to add a little bit more of a special touch you can add a skirt around the edges by just gluing additional fabric around the edges, and then hemming the skirt. Once you have finished that you can glue the fringe over the edge of the skirt or the fabric of the rug. I have done this several times with small tables or old foot stools.

If you want to turn this idea into a fun kid’s project then you can use an old kid’s rug and make a foot stool from scratch. Or instead of a foot stool make a small chair. It may sound complicated but it really is a lot easier than you may think. For instructions and ideas on how to make a chair for your kids visit this website After you have completed your chair you can then use the directions above and add a little cushion and cover it with the old rug.

It will become one of your kid’s favorite chairs. Make sure that they help you with this project. There is nothing a kid loves more than building something. The best part is that by using old rugs to decorate your old or newly made furniture you will be saving lots of money. That fact alone really makes this project worthwhile.

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