How to Use Wrought Iron Accents to Decorate a Country Home

Country style homes are casual and comfortable living spaces that offer a respite from the fast paced world that many people live in today. Images of a country home may bring to mind a roomy house on a hillside or surrounded by wooded acreage. Bring elements of country living to your home to give it a comfortable country feeling. Wrought iron is a functional accessory that brings a country like ambiance into the home. Here are suggestions for wrought iron accessories. Country decor can be incorporated into any living space. Homes in the city, suburbs, small towns and in remote country areas can be enhanced by comfortable country decor. City and apartment dwellers can easily incorporate country style accessories to give their living space a country atmosphere. Wrought Iron accessories can be incorporated successfully into any home. Country homes are all about function, comfort and space. Wrought iron is functional and brings an individualistic touch to the home.

Where to Find Wrought Iron Accessories

Wrought iron accessories can be found in many places: home stores, hardware stores, catalogs, Internet sites and craft fairs offer wrought iron pieces that are functional, attractive and sturdy.,

Part of the fun of country decorating is the act of finding the special pieces that are brought into the home. For that reason, a craft or art show may be the best place to find individual pieces of wrought iron. Rather than purchasing mass produced accessories fro a home store, seek out individual artisans. Spend a day at a high quality outdoor art/craft fair and there is a good chance that you can purchase wrought iron pieces directly from the artisan.

Look for historic shows with outdoor exhibitions. These shows can be found most easily in the warm summer and fall seasons. Blacksmiths can sometimes be found at historic reenactments, renaissance festivals and country themed art shows. There are still blacksmiths who lovingly hand craft wrought iron products. It may even be possible to find a blacksmith who is demonstrating the craft at a show. If you can find a show with a blacksmith, it is a wonderful way to come to an appreciation of the blacksmithing craft.

Wrought iron pieces are bent, twisted and hammered into place over a very high heat. Seeing the products being made can give a special appreciation for wrought iron. You will enjoy owning the hand crafted items much more than a mass produced imported piece.

Suggested Wrought Iron Accessories

Wrought Iron Hand Rails are useful, functional features at entryways. Handrails help people to balance themselves at entryways, offering a safety feature along with good looks.

Wrought Iron Hooks. Simple hooks will probably be the least expensive item you can purchase from a blacksmith at a craft fair. Hooks are curved at both ends and can serve several uses around the country house. Use the hooks to hang plants, bird feeders, tools or just about anything you can imagine.

Wrought Iron Coat Hooks. A wrought iron rack with attached hooks is a useful piece to hand at entry ways to hang coats and umbrellas.

Wrought Iron Towel Rack. The bathroom and kitchen can be accessorized with towel holders for country appeal.

Wrought Iron Fireplace Accessories: Set authentic fireplace tools next to the fireplace. An iron shovel, poker and tools look great next to a country style stone fireplace.

Wrought Iron Fireplace Screen: Wrought iron can add a decorative touch to cover the opening in the fireplace.

Wrought Iron Fire Pit. Wrought Iron Fire Pits can be purchased to add a country western touch to the yard. The fire pits are made for open air grilling and can be used during all seasons of the year. Big Woods Tripod Grill specializes in high quality fire pit hand crafted by an experienced blacksmith.

Wrought iron accessories are easy to add to the decor and lend a country touch to the house quickly. Enjoy the process of finding the wrought iron accessories and bring them into the home.

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