How to Warm a Fish Tank

Although water heaters regulate the water temperatures a large part of the time the water will tip more on the warm side than cool when it fluctuates. If the water-cools down toward the cold side check the water heater. They can break down and stop working.

Water temperature can change due to air conditioners and heaters causing a drop in temperature in summer and a rise in temperature in winter. When weather is mild with temperatures around 70 to 80 degrees water in the tank will probably be all right until the time you can get out to get a new water heater should the one in the tank stop working and need to be replaced.

To warm up the tank should it start to get too cold for fish there are a few things you can do.

Shut the lid.

If you have a lid on your fish tank shut it to help hold in heat.

Turn on the lights.

Turn the lights on that you have in the fish tank. The bulbs will add warmth to the water.

Warm glass with a blow dryer.

Allowing warm air from a blow dryer to gently blow against the glass can help raise water temperature. Set the blow dryer on its lowest speed and hold it an arm length from the tank. Do not hold it in one spot. You do not want to heat the glass or water to the point where it’s hot to the touch. Move the dryer back and forth and up and down.

You could hold the dryer above the water an arm length away and let the warm air blow down onto the water. Don’t let the air hit the water to the point it makes it splash out or makes mini-waves. Be sure and keep an eye on the tank thermometers you don’t want to overheat the water.

Use a portable heater.

If you have a portable heater set it on its lowest setting. Place it near the tank at a safe distance. Don’t let the water get too hot. Watch the thermometer.

Add/Remove water.

Get out a half-gallon or gallon container. Warm water from the tap, do not boil it, and prepare it as normal for the tank, add chlorine remover, then pour the warm water in the tank. If you need to remove water to keep it from overflowing do this before pouring the warm water in.

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