How to Winterize Your Above Ground Pool

How to Winterize Your Above Ground Pool – Wintertime is approaching fast and it is time to close down your above ground pool for the season. However, where does one start to ensure that they have properly closed down and stored essential equipment you will need for the following season? By following these simple guidelines in closing down your above ground pool, you can rest assured that you will have many fun filled days of swimming come next summer.

1. Protect pool accessories: Remove the pool ladder from the pool and store in your basement or other dry sheltered climate. Store all pool equipment such as your pool vacuum, skimmers, brushes, floaters, and toys away where they will be kept out of the winter elements. Keep pool chemicals in a dry cool place. If kept sealed properly it will save you from having to purchase more come summer.

2. First, make sure the ph, alkalinity, and calcium hardness in your existing water are all balanced. Once that is balanced, you can then proceed to add your Winter Chemical Kit. Make sure this is all done before any removal of filters. You can purchase winter chemical kits for your above ground pool at any pool supply store. Follow the instructions per the winter chemical kit. Some vary. Once the winter chemical are added, there will be no need for further chemical through out the winter.

3. Run the filter on your pool for 1 hour or per recommendations of winter chemical kit purchased.

4. Lower the water level of pool below the skimmers and inlets. Make sure you cover the skimmers and inlets with winterized covers or inserts. This prevents the skimmers or inlets freezing and cracking.

5. Disconnect motor and pump from base of pool. Drain of any water, clean out, and wipe dry. Store in a dry location.

6. Drain pool filter tank and hoses of water. Wipe out carriage of cartridge filter and discard old cartridge filter. Store in a dry location.

7. Clean out sand filter area, dry, and discard old sand filter. Store in a dry location.

8. Diatomaceous Earth Filter needs old diatomite disposed. Rinse out tank and dry. Soak all hoses overnight in warm soapy water. Dish soap is sufficient. Rinse hoses thoroughly the next day to clean off any left remains of build up. Store in a dry location.

9. DO NOT DRAIN YOUR POOL. Place Winter Balloon Float(s) in the center of pool if just one, or randomly throughout pool if more then one. The balloons help support your pool cover and keep it at a tier so if debris from winter winds does drop unwanted material on the pool cover they slide off rather then settle in the center of your pool.

10. Cover your above ground pool with either an all year round pool cover or a winter cover. Make sure your cover is secured tightly so it does not blow off or allow elements to get inside your pool.

By taking the necessary steps in winterizing your above ground pool, you can rest easy knowing it is protected from the winter elements and save you a lot of work come summer time.

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