Hungry for Pizza? Great Pizza Restaurants in Cortland, New York

Every town has a location or restaurant in town that services pizza. In fact many towns have multiple pizza restaurants and Cortland is no exception. Below is a list of some of the best places to get pizza in the area.

(1) Pudgies Pizza is located at 75 North Main Street in Cortland. Pudgies Pizza is my all time favorite place to order pizza from. I am not exactly sure how their recipe differs from others, but there is no other pizza in town that looks or tastes as good as theirs.

Pudgies will delivery your local orders. They also have a carry out service, dining restaurant, and a drive thru service. In addition to standard pizza, Pudgies offer subs, chicken wings, and other pizza based items. They are local known for their two slice (cheese or pepperoni) pizza special with a fountain drink for under four dollars, not including tax.

If you are interested in placing an order or learning more about their menu, please call (607) 756-0900 for more information. Cortland residents should also check the yellow pages of their local phone book. In the middle of the yellow pages there should be a coupon section and Pudgies usually places year long coupons in there.

(2) A Pizza & More is located at 112 Main Street. A Pizza & More is conveniently located near the campus of SUNY Cortland is a favorite among college students.

A Pizza & More is just that, it will offer basic pizza items and additional items including chicken wings. There is seating if you choose it dine in and take out service is also available. A Pizza & More offers daily pizza specials for customers. The types of payment accepted at this location are cash, Visa, American Express, and MasterCard.

More information on A Pizza & More or to place an order please call (607) 753-7527.

(3) Pizza Hut is nationally known and recommended throughout the country. They are located at 259 Tompkins Street in Cortland.

The Cortland Pizza Hut location is a restaurant style facility with pick up and delivery services also available. Pizza Hut offers a wide variety of different style pizzas with a wide selection of available toppings. Pizza Hut is also known for their amazing lunch buffet. At the Cortland location, the lunch buffet begins at noon and ends at one. For less than ten dollars per person you are entitled to the salad buffet, mini bread sticks, beverages, and the pizza buffet. The pizza buffet has around eight or more different pizza that are constantly refilled for hungry customers.

Reservations to dine at Pizza Hut are not required; however, if you wish to place an order for pick up or delivery, please call (607) 756-5609. You may also view Pizza Hut’s main website for more information about the company at

There are other local pizza places that offer outstanding service; however, Pudgies, A Pizza & More, and Pizza Hut are a few of my locally favorite places. Looking for a quick meal or a family dinner, pizza is always the tasty and affordable way to go.

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