How to Cook Indian Food to Impress Your Guests

Are you looking to cook Indian food but have no idea how to make a start because you have never done it before?

Sounds tough; to an extent it is. Indian food is delicious but if you have never cooked it, you might want to gain some insight into how different dishes are made.

It has a wide variety of dishes and if often becomes a bit of an issue as to what to prepare to make your guests feel happy. If your guests have never tasted Indian food, you will want to make them dishes that are common in the Indian culture.


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    Indian Biryani

    This is one of the most common and most delicious Indian dishes. Biryani is made with rice and meat. It is up to you which meat you want to add to the rice—chicken, beef or mutton. However, chicken is used mostly. Rice and meat are mixed along with several spices.

    You do not have to worry about experimenting it yourself — you can find literally dozens of spices especially made for Biryani. Be sure to have a look at the recipe if you are making Biryani for the first time.

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    Dal Palak

    Another very simple and delicious Indian food that will make your guest want to have it more even if he has had enough. Dal Palak is typically made with a grain and spinach. Grains (you can use any you like) and spinach are mixed and cooked together.

    There are no specific spices you will need to make the dish—just common spices and ingredients like salt, green chili, red chili, onion, tomato (if you want)—but you can also put paneer (cheese) or butter to give extra taste to your Dal Palak.

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    Simple Dal Chawal

    This is probably the most common and easy-to-make dish in Indian food. Simple boil rice and cook any grain you like. Both things should be cooked separately. Once you have boiled rice and prepared your grain (dal) according to the simple steps you can find in any cookbook, you can serve it to your guest.

    Boiled rice is served with the topping of dal. The dish is included in the daily menu of most Indians, and it does not cost much.

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    Indian Curry

    Curry is used in most of the dishes in Indian food. Curry is made with different meats like mutton, chicken and beef (among non-hindus). Curry is often served with boiled rice in most of the Indian states.

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