They Come Out at Night to Feed: Part 2

Thomas Crown was shutting and locking the door to his quaint two-story house. He yawned. He stretched. He felt refreshed. He was working the graveyard shift at the 24-hour Wal-Mart this evening. Thomas woke up feeling like his body was dragging, having been asleep since 1PM. He got a morning cup of coffee and sat in silence under a lamp hanging low over his kitchen table.

The one good thing about waking up late at night, he’d always thought was the silence. This was Miguel County. It was a new neighborhood with luxury homes built against a wall of a hillside. The only noises heard in this community were the laughing and yelling of children at play. The occassional sound of backfiring cars was the closest sound to a gunshot in the community.

Thomas fixed himself a steaming plate of eggs, bacon and picked himself an apple out of the fruit bowl on his kitchen counter. He watched the time. The time to leave drew near. It was 10:25 PM. He needed to check-in to work by 11:30. Thomas ate faster. He took a speedy shower, and changed into his work clothes.

In his white, long sleeve dress shirt and tan trousers, Thomas strolled out to a ’67 Ford Mustang parked along the street. He took care in keeping as quiet as possible. Thomas put the key in the lock. He heard nails scratching the pavement behind him. Thomas turned, and saw a quick glimpse of the beast before it jumped him in a melicious frenzy.

The creature was large. It had a few locks of feathery white hair on top of an otherwise bald, and disfigured head. Its humanoid body was in silhouette against the street light behind it. It had no face. It had two beady and glowing red eyes. Its gaze was vicious like a rabid dog.

The beast tore into Thomas’s neck with the jaws and fangs of a lion. It pulled at his throat. A numb paralysis started in Thomas legs. Then his chest and arms went limp. Then Thomas couldn’t feel anything. He collapsed and he couldn’t stop it. The monster with the beady red eyes tore skin away from bone and dragged Thomas Crown away.

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