Reynolds Wrappers Pre Cut PopUp Foil Sheets

I get these for only $1 at my local walmart, usually they are right at the registers and I can grab a pack without having to go look for them. Reynolds Wrappers Pre Cut PopUp Foil Sheets come with 30 foil sheets to a package and they are sized as 14 inches by 10 1/4 inches. These are great additions to a kitchen, and they have generally replaced any other foil wrap in my house. I use these to wrap up meat and veggies to go on the grill, like potatoes and corn on the cob, and as a good leftover wrapping agent. The package also says you can use it as a freezer wrap or for a toaster over lining. I think they are very handy because they popup and you don’t have to try to tear it. I use it all the time, more than I ever used the regular wrapping foil, as it is just easier and quicker to get to and use now.

I at first didn’t think the sheets would be big enough or that the container would last any time at all and was wrong on both counts. One box lasts me a decent amount of time (2-3 weeks) and the sheets are generally big enough for whatever I want to use it for, which is mainly leftover wrapping and food grilling. I keep a box in the kitchen of both my house and my travel trailer so that I am always prepared. They don’t take up very much space as the box is fairly small, and not as wide as normal Reynolds Wrap foil. I also use them to pat out hamburger patties and freeze up two at a time to use at a later date. It makes it easier to pull out what I need from the freezer this way.

I think these are perfect for putting a chicken breast, some seasoning, and a few sliced veggies all wrapped up and grilled. It’s a simple way to cook, with all the flavors and juices getting sealed in, and when it’s done it is a snap to clean up. They are also good for any type of bowl wrapping, leftovers, or to use for a child’s lunch bag. Anything that you would normally use Reynolds Wrap for these handy wrappers can tackle.

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