Hurricane Katrina: The New Blame Game

Hurricane Katrina, occuring an in area that’s like a bowl surrounded by soup, has turned into an orgy of pointing fingers to your “enemies.” I’ve heard many (ridicious) explainations for why Hurricane Katrina has occured. Apparently, no one came to the realization that it was a natural disaster, that it was all God’s work.

If you haven’t heard it, one of the biggest “blames” for the hurricane were homosexuals. Yes, homosexuals. There was a big event planned to be happening in New Orleans the day the hurricane came. Apparently, our all loving God created a hurricane to destroy his own children. I’m really tired of everyone’s dependence on God when it comes to things like that, like 9/11. Concerning 9/11, people kept asking “Why did God let this happen?” God didn’t let shit happen, people who hijacked the planes did.

Another major blame was Global Warming… I won’t even get started…

The biggest blame for the Hurricane was George W. Bush. What a surprise, something (anything) happens, and people find a way to blame George W. Bush? I didn’t see that coming, no way. Now, in all fairness, people aren’t blaming HIM for the hurricane, but for (not) taking care of the hurricane.

The federal government can’t just jump on state land without the state government’s approval. LA’s governer didn’t handle the situation well. Look at Florida, they get the crap kicked out of them by hurricanes, but don’t have problems because their governer actually paying attention.

I read an article in the school newspaper saying people are trying to blame Governer Blanco for the hurricane’s clean-up. Trying? It’s his fault, he should have taken action.

Then doctor, genius, laywer, scienctist, meterologist, expert on everything Kayne West, says “Bush doesn’t care about black people.” What do you expect him to do? Destroy the balance of powers in the government to help? West was just using the hurricane has an excuse to promote his “The White Man is Trying to Bring Me Down” agenda.

West wasn’t the only person to pull the race card, oh no. There was Fatty Fatfat McFatty, Michael Moore, the king of douche bags. Michael Moore makes me sick. This guy spends his life being an attention-whore. Everything he writes is a cry for attention in the form of money. I’m tired of his radically left-wing views, and poorly backed up accusions. I wish this guy would completely detach himself from any political view, party, or anything having to do with society at all, because whatever he’s associated with, he sure is giving it a bad name.

Now Moore is making a “film,” the Wrath of Bush. Which is about Hurricane Katrina, I kind of want to see it to see how low he goes (and he will go low), but I don’t want to see it because I don’t want to give him money.

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