Hydronic Heating System Maintenance Tips

5 Ways to Keep Your Hydronic Heating System Maintained – A hydronic heating system is a wonderful way to heat any home. This form of heating system is growing in popularity, as they are efficient, healthy and fuel cost saving compared to a forced air heating system. The health issue is simple; the hydronic heating system does not depend on moving air and dust to warm the home. The systems are efficient as they pass heat up through the floor or out of low wall panels. The floor heating is accomplished by using tubing that is under the floor and allows water heated to just over 140 degrees to pass through the tubing. The wall panels operate in a similar way except they are passing heat from the hot water through the panel tubing.

Maintaining the efficiency of the system is worth the money as it will save on the fuel bill and also keep repairs or replacements at a minimum. Efficiency is lost when the boiler is neglected, corrosion or calcium deposits are allowed to go unchecked and then the system has to run overtime to meet the heat demand of the programmed thermostat setting. A poorly maintained system cost more money in larger fuel bills than a routine maintenance program serviced by a hydronic certified plumber. Not all plumbing companies can maintain this fabulous heating system, as they do not have the necessary knowledge or training to know what to do and how to check out the system. The first step in keeping an existing system operating at peak efficiency is to contract for the service with a qualified hydronic specialist and not with just any old plumbing company. Certification is the best way to assure yourself that you are getting solid advice and service.

A boiler inspection is the usual starting point, with the service tech looking for signs of corrosion and calcium deposits. If the boiler is okay then the next step is to check the system pumps for the same difficulties. Any copper surfaces are subject to corrosion or calcium deposits. When these occur, the system efficiency is rapidly deteriorated or even compromised to the point where the system is just burning fuel, but doing nothing as far as heating the home. If any system components show signs of poor performance, they should be cleaned or replaced. Yearly maintenance will keep this expensive remedy at a minimum.

The way this problem is prevented is to use a good hydronic system cleaner and then a system product that prevents excessive pH, corrosion and calcium deposits. These products are way less expensive to be used than replacing a boiler or system pumps that have been neglected. People take care of their expensive car in their garage, but do not even think about spending a small amount each year to maintain their hydronic heating system. The typical owner waits until the system is in distress or not working. This is a very costly way of maintaining this heating system. The hidden cost of poor maintenance is in the much higher consumption of fuel to heat the boiler and the hot water it provides. With these high fuel prices, this yearly checkup is a way to get the most bang for your buck. Efficient systems use far less fuel to accomplish their heating requirement.

If you are thinking of putting in this kind of heating system, deal with a pro in Hydronics. Check out their references and do not let the low bid scam artist fool you into a false savings that will be costly to replace by a pro. This field of heating meets the old saying; you get what you pay for. Good professional work is the cheapest in the long run with fewer breakdowns and fewer repairs or days without heat.

The Internet is an excellent place to find out more about hydronic heating systems. One other thing, this is rarely a good do-it-yourself project, no matter what you read. These systems need to be individually designed and then installed correctly to work the way you want them too. Hydronic pros will tell you horror stories of DIYs that spent twice as much as they needed too, to get their system up and running. A word to the wise is this, deal with pros in this area of home heating. This goes for buying a new system or maintaining an existing system. The properly operating hydronic heating system is a wonderful way to heat the home. The fuel cost will be less and the comfort level will be supreme.

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