I Couldn’t Be Without My Bunn Coffeemaker

I love coffee. Not designer coffee. My coffee. The stuff I make at home. I start it brewing before I hit the shower in the morning and as the aroma drifts through the furnace vents, I hurry to finish and pour the first cup of the day. Nothing smells or tastes as good as fresh coffee and I don’t want to wait for it to brew. That’s why I couldn’t be without my BUNN coffeemaker.

When I want a fresh cup a coffee, I want it NOW. I don’t want to wait ten minutes or more for it to brew. My BUNN coffeemaker is a prized possession because it takes a mere three minutes to run a full pot of coffee. If I need only a half-pot, by the time I get my cup and pour cream in, the coffee is almost ready. I love it. So do my neighbors; several of them now own BUNN machines because they loved the speed of coffee brewing at my house.

Most restaurants use BUNN coffeemakers because they are dependable and make good coffee. The home machines work the same way as commercial machines. There is a holding tank that keeps the water hot and when cold water is poured into the unit it forces the hot water out to drip into the basket of coffee grounds. There is a separate on/off switch for the warming plate and one for the heating unit. The heating unit stays on all the time to keep the water in the tank at brewing temperature.

I’ve had my BUNN coffeemaker for 28 years. The same one. I haven’t used it for all of those years because a certain person thought his was the better machine but I know I’ve operated it for 20 of those years. It still works perfectly. It did develop a leak but when I contacted the company they sent a replacement seal and it solved the problem. That is commendable service and rare in today’s world of “too bad for you.”

My BUNN coffeemaker sold for about $100 and the same type of unit can be bought today for the same price. The company offers fancier units that cost more but mine is a basic brewer and does what I need it to do without bells and whistles. The coffeemakers come in black or white, some with stainless accents.

I’m not a coffee snob. Just give me the basics. Folger’s Classic Blend or Melitta Light coffees work fine for me. But I want it fresh and that’s the big plus with my BUNN coffeemaker.

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