Identifying a Drug Addict

A drug addiction can be fatal depending on the drug if the addict does not get rehabilitation. Even if the addiction does lead to death, the effects of drug addiction are far reaching. There are signs and symptoms that can be used in identifying a drug addict, whether it is you or someone you know. Be aware that just because a person possesses a few of these signs does not mean that you are indeed identifying someone with a drug addiction.

An increase or decrease in appetite, changes in eating habits accompanied with an unexplained weight gain or loss are all ways of identifying a drug addict. Some drugs cause a decrease in appetite while others cause an increase. An increase in the need for money is also a factor in identifying a drug addict. This is especially true when the need does not have an explanation and/or the person is not able to explain what happened to the money.

Needle marks or bruises on the arms, legs, or bottoms of feet are a sign in identifying a drug addict. Unusual attempts to hide these areas can also be used in identifying a drug addict. These areas are the most commonly used places for needle injections. Another way of identifying a drug addict is noticing a loss of interest in activities and a change in friends. A drug addict will often stop doing the things that he or she used to do in order to do drugs.

When denial is present with one or more of these symptoms, it can be a way of identifying a drug addict. Properly identifying a drug addict can possibly save his or her life. If you or someone you know has a problem with drugs, you can seek medical help for identifying a drug addict.

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