If We Can’t Shut Down the United Nations..

So many people complain that the UN isn’t good for doing anything, for taking action to solve all the world’s problems, so they say it should be shut down.

There are a lot of very good reasons why the UN should be shut down but if we really think about it, their lack of actions shouldn’t be one of them.

They are one of the most dangerous organizations in the world, to individual liberty ( true human rights ), being they hold the potential to become a one-world Big Brother style nanny state government, and global dictatorship. They’d even be supported by global taxation which they propose, and strengthened by their civilian disarmament program, which would eliminate all possible resistance to their tyrannical rule.

Now they want to make “international law”, that every nation would have to obey. But you can’t have laws without enforcement, and that’s where they become very, very scary.

The organization was originally founded though, with the simple intention of having a place where nations could gather for diplomatic talks, and hopefully avoid wars by so doing. It hasn’t worked out, has it. But like so many bureaucratic government supported programs, they eventually and inevitably grew way beyond their original intended purpose. They now exist as a huge global bureaucracy, sucking up massive amounts of money from member nations, funded not voluntarily but by tax slavery of course.

But even the Republicans in this country, who have moved away from classical conservativism and into solidly “middle of the road moderate” coercive collectivism, don’t have the political will or courage to shut the UN down completely and pack it off to France.

So if we have to put up with the continued dangerous existence of the UN and can’t get it shut down, we should at least be satisfied with limiting it’s functionality to “just talking” and we should staunchly resist the organization doing anything more than “just talking”, because that’s when it truly becomes the most dangerous.

Melissa Rhiannon is a free lance libertarian Objectivist writer living somewhere in Colorado.

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