I’ll Be Waiting

Somber strolls through familiar halls
Fidgeting in seats of restless indentations
The densest tear snails down my cheek
And through anxious seconds of worrisome minutes
Tediously grinding away painful hours
I wait

Relentless longings of that flesh and being
Devouring answers and laughing contentment
Encumber a strong mind and stubborn will
Whose useful limbs succumb to enormous strain
Exceeding exponentially as moons travel past my head
And I wait

Injurious doubts pervade infinite destinies
Altering needed possibilities and unknown probabilities
During states of merciful weakness and fallibility
A culmination of desperate hope and hopeless terror
Collide frantically while tired lenses stare into darkness
And still I wait

Confidences cower beneath unveiled visions and senses
Quickening the pulse and opening hidden eyes
Releasing sensations of life and death
Quietly shaking reality and thought while necessities scatter
Falling on ears deaf to themselves and the others
And yet I wait

I wait for excursions in realms surrounded by flames
Twisted by inferior words and ignorant qualms
Revealed only to those singed in that fire
Weakened from exhausting and heroic journeys
Shedding the skin of before and absolving the skin of never
And waiting no longer

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