Illegal Immigration: What Part of ILLEGAL Do You Not Understand, Washington?

It is sometimes irritating for this old common Redneck to have to listen to the garbage coming out of the “smart” Washington crowd when openly discussing a problem. We hire these smarter than the average man types with a long “rap sheet” of educational credits and public service that act like they don’t have a clue why they are there, how they got there, or what they are supposed to be doing there. Is there something in the air or water in Washington, DC that attacks selected brain processes and stops their operation? Are we, the “business owners” of the “United States Company”, supposed to put up with this incompetence? But if we fire the bums, and hire new “representative employees”, all we get is the same thing with different faces! It seems they don’t understand the laws they make. We are constantly presented with news of our employees engaging in corruption, common law breaking, and wringing their hands when laws are broken and they seem to not be able to decide whether the laws they passed should be enforced. What the H did they pass the laws for if they weren’t going to enforce them?

What a bunch of wuzzys! Either enforce the law, or repeal it, instead of just talking it to death!

This idea about building a wall on the border, what?!? Now that’s an idea worthy of their collective pedigree! Knowing these Einsteins, they’d probably hire the illegals to build the wall!

And then we have the resident genius of this site with his self-proclaimed pedigree of a BA in English. Full of opinions being disbursed across the posts always on the look out for something requiring his special brand of knowledge, never finding any, but going ahead to grace us with his rhetoric. It’s not that anyone can’t express an opinion, but they shouldn’t pass an opinion on as if it were Gospel. And it would be refreshing, if every once in a while, his idea or opinion was right instead of always left! It would be even more refreshing if there were intelligent solutions proposed instead of just whining about the perceived problem, but then, following those two profound ideas would probably get him expelled from the “Out of Power, Out of my Mind” party. YEHHAW!

The idea is to stop illegal immigration, not to recreate the Great Wall or to fill the already overcrowded prisons with people that create jobs so as to create the need to get more taxes from the worker bees to pay for the expense of jailing the people that would otherwise be paying taxes! Since hiring illegals is “illegal”, hello, just enforce the freaking law. We enforce other laws on behavior; why are we such wuzzys when it comes to enforce immigration laws? Because it serves THE MAN? Screw THE MAN; prevent a few vacations, luxury cars, fancy parties and gambling junkets and THE MAN will get the message or the stock market results will show him the door! Fine the business until it is not economically feasible to hire illegals. We must be prepared to weather the adjustment period, where product prices will fluctuate until the work force availability adjusts, but enforce the law, fine the businesses, then react to the repercussions.

I do agree, illegal worker bees are simply pawns being moved on the business “chess board”, but then dopers are just as much victims of manipulators, but they do choose to break the law. What to do with illegals that are here now or immigrate, but can’t get work because they can’t get hired? Would we create a criminal class of undesirables that do the crime to support their family because that is their only option? Is being a criminal a better life than living in squalor in their own land? âÂ?¦could be, so something would have to be done to protect the public. Maybe a multi-tier program, where businesses are fined for breaking the law, enforced by surprise inspections and disallowing deduction for unsubstantiated labor costs. The illegals could be required to register before any services that are rendered such as driver licenses, car tags, insurance policies, credit cards, bank accounts, etc. Then the fines could pay for the inspection services and illegals registrations.

Since deporting an estimated 11-12 million illegals becomes a cost and logistics nightmare that is not going to be a popular solution. The alternative is to require assilimilation/citizenship or a temporary visa to allow illegals to go back home voluntarily. But then, wouldn’t that be something like the guest worker program President Bush is pushing. Hmmm.. Maybe he has thought this through a little further than all the detractors give him credit for. Funny how smart he becomes when you attempt to justify solutions rather than just criticize! But then, it is more fun to throw apples than it is peel them!

The things I criticize President Bush’s ideas about immigration is his lack of enforcing the laws on the books, regardless of whether Dems didn’t do it -that’s no excuse. Enforcing the law would have pushed it to debate back in 2000. Lack of enforcement or inclination to not follow the law looks like protectionism for lawbreakers, illegals and industry. The other main contention is George’s statement that illegals are here doing the job that American won’t do. That is pure BS, dreamed up by business to excuse their behavior.

Industries other than agriculture are affected. Just like American workers, the illegal worker bees want to get better pay too, so they move into areas that Americans have historically used as entry level and advancement toward skilled jobs. Greedy businesses brought in illegals at lower wages to “break the hold” the labor unions and mindsets had over those positions. Americans had to change careers, move to supervisory or clerical jobs, or simply accept lower pay. Now, many of the entry level and unskilled jobs been taken by illegals and they are trying to make inroads into traditionally skilled and/or union jobs. Illegals are working and seeking to replace historically citizen jobs. Traditional avenues for adolescence progress and stepping-stones to skills development are being taken off the table as alternatives for our American based work force. If the entry level and unskilled jobs are already filled, the lower financial class people are basically being disenfranchised as workers by design. “American” government has to be first and foremost responsible to “Americans” Foreigner should be respected and viewed as partners in the global community, but our citizens OWN this country and should be the recipients of the advantages that ownership provides. I know that is a simplistic idea to the global economy hawks of today who think that we must be all things to all peoples, but it is the fundamental basis of our existence as a nation! In our arguments and our policies, in our actions and our rhetoric, we should always uphold our national well being before considering outsider concerns. That Patriotic consideration that has been held to ridicule by outsiders and masochistically insiders is non-the-less the glue that holds us together as a society, a culture, and a nation. Without that pride that swells inside us at the Nationalistic idea, sustained by the benefits afforded us by our nation’s existence, we become simple “Earthlings” willing to accept whatever some stronger willed faction decides that they want.

We can lament it all we want, but life, as an individual and as a nation on Earth, is a struggle to control other people and not be controlled by other people. We form alliances and affiliations to gain advantage for ourselves. One of the axioms for individual success in our financial life is the practice of paying into a fund for ourselves, before paying our debtors. That is not to say that we consider ourselves better or more worthy than others, it is simply the recognition of our desire to be free and our willingness to defend that freedom in deed, work, principle, and, if need be, battle. We are a compassionate nation and do not wish that any suffer, but we are realistic in knowing that our best efforts can be used by unsavory types for their individualistic advantage. Our worst enemy has always been within and our ability to defend against that enemy is constantly being compromised by the influx of people unwilling to assimilate into our belief system.

Assimilation is the willingness to become a working and contributing part of the community. A willingness to add to the increase, in ideas, in promotion of ideals, in promotion of democratic principles, in service to our nation, in upholding laws and rights, in adherence to customs and traditions, in a blending of commonality. Assimilation is not a taking of any advantage of being here and sending or carrying it back to another homeland. Our Economic stability as a nation is dependent on the increased progression on our Gross National Product. GNP rises with sales by internal entities and falls with purchases from outside entities. The subtle negative effect of illegals taking money outside the United States is that the money can be used to purchase outside our economy and transfer through various global venues until it reaches a horde of American money. Our money is, in effect, a demand on our GNP. Trade between two parties inside our economy increases our GNP and has the effect of increasing our national standard of living. Where the problem comes in, is when an outside entity demands not good or services from our businesses, which would add to GNP, but demands our assets such as hotels, land, businesses, locks and dams, water treatment plants, shipping docks, etc, in effect our infrastructure. When outsiders buy our assets, any sales that is produced through the use of those assets will then decrease GNP, since we will be importing the goods we bought that were produced with our resources! Essentially we come someday become a national worker bee hired by some foreign potentate to do his bid and call!

In effect we could be selling our children into slavery to a communist nation, like China, who now hoards the most Treasury Bills outside the U.S. Wouldn’t it be nice to buy your “municipal” water from “Mao Tse Tung Holdings of Peking”? Of course, our brilliantly qualified, silk suited employees in Washington wouldn’t dare ever let that happen, no they’re too smart for that! Yeah, right, and they didn’t sell the Panama Canal either! You see, the Congressional Fat Cats in Washington are too busy bickering and trying to get the goods on the other side, to be concerned about future problems. They’re too busy trying to solve the problems they caused 8 years, 5 years, 3 days ago, to solve the problems caused decades ago and besides they have to devote enough time and money to get re-elected next term, so they can enjoy their cushy job until they can qualify for their lifetime pensions.

The illegal Immigrants problem is not just about immigrants. It doesn’t affect just the lower economic class. It is profound and affects the stability and security of the whole nation. It places the immediate burden of it’s effect on the least able to withstand the negative effect and adds to the peril to our future sovereignty.

Mr. President, I think you are an honorable man, and I respect your having defeated the affects of youthful indiscretions. I admire your ability to drawn talented people to serve our country, and your consistent approach to problems in seemingly seeing the good in all people regardless the proof that some are simply wrong. But�..

Mr. President, it’s not just about ethnicity. The repercussion of our lackadaisical approach to illegal immigration is profound. The drain on our collective resources in employment for the lower financial classes, the cost of providing government services with no funding by the criminals, the cost to our community culture through providing services, opening our doors, to an element that doesn’t assimilate, provide support or add to the coffers, the taking with no giving back, the cost of providing for a sub-culture in dual language supports, the risk of driving on roads where unlicensed drivers are allowed to drive with no insurance to cover our losses or our insurance companies have no means of recovering losses and therefore our premiums are raised to cover the loss. We loose our respect in the global community because we allow illegals. What do you say to those law-abiding immigrants of past and present who went through things the right way, “Thanks for being foolish enough to follow our laws!”? What do you think it says to those others in the global community that are inclined to follow the lead of the illegals and disregard our laws? Must we be the “World Doormat” to any wanting to wipe their attitude on our porch? Some, and especially those detractors of your predecessor, have said that our show of cowardice in the face of those who oppose us, in some ways was responsible for the mindset that we were a paper tiger and did not have the will to defend our country and countrymen, so they pursued the efforts to inflict greater and greater pain to our collective stature. Is not our unwillingness to enforce laws and stop illegal trafficking in people and drugs not the same sign of our lack of will and our weakness? Are we sending the message to come on in and use our schools, use our hospitals, drive on our streets, whatever, as long as you work cheap? As bad as that may sound, aren’t we also saying slip through the sea of illegals into this country undetected and just lay low while you build up the means to destroy our assets, kill our people, and wreak terror on our way of life? Not only must we appear strong and resolute to the enemy, we must BE strong and resolute! We have to talk the talk and walk the walk! These radicals can live 5, 10, 20, 50 years while indoctrinating their kids, with the sole purpose of getting into a situation where they can cause pain and suffering to the enemy that have sworn to kill. Our enemy is not the leaders of the radical groups, or the dictators of the rogue countries. These are only the perpetrators of the acts. The supposed sly Emoms understand this, and quietly let us go down the path of frustration that we can’t stop the terrorists because we can’t get them to stand and fight. In all our self-professed greatness, we can’t seem to recall the lesson that we learned in our nation’s infancy. We can’t seem to understand what The Bible says. We can’t seem to understand what was always there in front of us in every war we ever fought. Despite the rhetoric, despite our human desire to inflict retaliatory pain, despite the allegiance in our collective heart of the notion of “an eye for an eye” and that we must teach them a lesson, our enemy continues to beat us. We’ve proven in every war, in every instance that we can do what the British did to us before we changed tactics. If we can get any group, no matter how large, no matter what terrain, to stand and fight, we can “lay down a whuppin”. Our technology has always been greater than our ability to find a way to use. But, our technology is not our salvation, for we do not fight an army. We fight a mindset, an idea. We fight treachery and deceit. We fight fear and terror. We fight principalities in high places. Our battle has always been between Good and evil. Satan uses humans as if toy soldiers, with no regard for life or possessions, only for destruction. No, our battle is with the mindset of the toy soldiers being used to inflict pain, and with pain, the terror in our mind that is a steroid to Satan. The Eastern mind has always seemed to understand that and developed training efforts through childhood indoctrination to make it a part of life, just like breathing and eating. To defeat terrorism, we must defeat false teaching, which is astronomically harder to do that pushing a bomb button, pulling a trigger, or throwing a grenade. Yes, we have to fight in physical ways, but we win when the mind is defeated. We won our Revolutionary War, when we defeated the British mindset. We won WWI and WWII when we defeated the German/Italian/Japanese mindset. We lost the Vietnam War when they defeated our mindset. The Terrorist War in which we are now engaged was easy to win in the first stages. We have geared our military into a purpose that we are excellent in fulfilling, the purpose of killing the enemy and breaking his things. Just as in previous wars, when we get the enemy soldiers to stand and fight, it is over; we’re mean enough and determined enough to pound them into death or submission. Our problem is the desire to move on, seemingly instant gratification. Our will seems to come up again and again to be tested, partly because we, the public, have the mentality to win, pack up, and go home. Because of our compassion, we turn warriors into administrators, to rebuild our enemy and try to build alliances. That is to our credit, and shows that we understand what the battle was eventually about and how to resolve it. It is the prevention of becoming a battle/war that we don’t understand. Our State Department, our Administrative Branch, our Congress, and our Defense Department all seemed to be representing different countries! Each faction has its’ own agenda, that doesn’t seem to care for the others. All this is to point out that the establishment of a mindset is the Number One priority of Satan and has to be our Number Two priority behind our seeking God’s favor. More to point, the mindset we should establish is that our laws will be enforced, therefore, they will be honored. With that said and followed, outsiders will not be encouraged to “test the waters”, but instead will know that another method of treachery will have to be used to spread terrorism and that the United States is serious about allowing immigration of targeted candidates that add positive aspects to the population mix. It will also establish to the criminal element in the country now that there is the possibility that their illegal activities will be scrutinized, or at least that there are no free passes on illegal activities.

Mr. President, you are just wrong, it isn’t jobs Americans won’t do, its jobs that Illegals have taken away because they accept lower wages and greedy businessmen fill with illegals to eliminate paying taxes, benefits, and break contractual work agreements. Your answer is only half-right, we do need a form of a temporary worker program, but, I ask you this, if illegals were taking executive jobs, and lawyer positions, and other professional or political positions, wonder what the Congressional/Presidential response would be?

To all the politicos out there that want to use this issue as cannon fodder: Both parties are guilty of avoiding this issue. There is no fun in Mudville tonight! Dem-wits and Republi-can’ts have been duplicit in their lack of upholding the law.
A pox on both your houses!

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