Illegal Immigration: Write Your Congressman and Let Your Voice Be Heard

A touchy subject continues to sweep across the nation of America as the number of “illegal” immigrants continues to rise. There are an estimated 11.5 to 12 million illegal immigrants according to the Population Census Bureau and some say the number is underestimated. Whether it’s from personal experience, from the trials and tribulations of someone else, or from the views of the media, we all have our opinions on this heated issue. Right or wrong, good or bad, we are all creatures that have our own opinions and thoughts…and crave to express them. I pose this question to you: How are you going to channel them to benefit you and your family?

One suggestion would be to write your Congressman. Don’t worry about being an elequoent speaker or writer, just tell him what’s going on in your head and the experiences around you. A little advice, though, don’t make this a race issue if you are against this activity as it’s not about that and shouldn’t be anyway. Keep your letters simple and based on things you’ve experienced or someone that you know has. Researchimmigration laws and the companies that hire them. Make sure you know your facts. You’re congressman is supposed to consider what the people want, so make sure you are being heard.

If you don’t like the decisions your leaders are making or if you do and you want them to stay in office, show up and vote on election day for the person you think deserves that seat in the senate. Before you cast your ballot, research the people and their beliefs and know how they will affect the life of you and your family. Make sure you really understand what they will do when they are elected and if it’s what you want for this country in which you live.

Get involved in groups that feel the way you do, but talk to people who think differently and listen to their viewpoints. Have intelligent debates and research facts. Always be questionable of statements given to you and do research through the internet, books, radio and television. Make sure you look at the backgrounds of the people providing the information, and keep in mind, one man’s fact could be another man’s opinion. At least, that’s what I have found out to be the truth on many things. Through your talks and research, youmight be able to get others to change their views and vice versa. The more votes on your side, the better, right?

Remember, the only person who is going to look out for number one, is you. Unfortunately, we have to rely on other people to stand up for us like our congressmen, so my advice to you is make sure that you are heard.

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