Illinois Artist Deborah Reich Unveils her new Seasonal Floor Cloths

Illinois artist Deborah Reich, specializing in floor cloths and portraits among other workds has unveiled her holiday line.

Reich, who does freelance art work, also lends her skills to glass engraving, illustrations, faux finishes, floor art, murals, and more. Customers can design their own floor cloths.

Reich resides in Newton, Ill and is a native of Jasper.

Over the years she has had the lucky opportunity to do her artwork on many levels while working as a teacher’s aide and full-time wife and mom. With a mutual friend bringing them together in 1995 she was able to illustrate two books in collaboration with Christine McCormick. Each summer off from school brought Reich more opportunity to engage in her art. With exciting prospects at hand, she began her own business in 2002.

Reich also does weddings, calligraphy, and wood etchings.

Some of her murals include for Baja Grill, Laws Creek Country Club, Newton High School Cafeteria and gym, and she has made a dinosaur creation among others.

A deep cinnamon sponged over with a raison toned glaze resulted in a very delicate, almost floral effect for a bathroom. One kitchen was brightened up with berries, leaves, and a vine pattern.

Last year’s holiday floor cloths included big red bows and poinsettias. “Holly Berries and Bells” was Reich’s first creation of a Christmas edition mug in 2002. The floor cloths Reich creates are called “Art Underfoot” and include strawberries, watermelon plate, leopard shoes, a pet floor, herb floor, pear plate, coffee cups, teapot, kid’s moon, zebra, “Broken,” fireplace, kitchen, letter, bird nest, and fish pond among others.

Most of the floor clothes are 2 x 3 in measurements.

With glass etchings Reich has transformed glass doors to match another piece of furniture in a new home. She also created a detail of a peacock on a vase that stands about 12 inches high. For “Prom 2003” Reich hand etched on glasses. She has changed flea market bottles into unique creations and gifts. She also took oil soap decanters and etched flowers on the outside of them and roses on an old-fashioned jug of potpourri. Etched glass can usually be seen in wall mirrors, coffee tables, and coat racks with various designs.

“Holidays can be much happier with a personal touch,” said Reich.

Glass etching has evolved into more modern techniques since its beginning. It has been used for centuries as a decorative addition to glass.

For more information go to on the web or call Reich at 618-783-8387.

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