Review of Sesame Street Finger Paint Bubble Bath

Yellow and Blue makes Green! What does Blue and Red make? Ask our 3 year old!! Then she will also show you with her Sesame Street Finger Paint Bubble Bath what Red and Yellow make.

Most of us know what yellow and blue makes. My own ingrained knowledge stems from when Ziploc back in the 80’s launched their TV “Yellow and Blue Make Green” campaign. The zippers were yellow on one side and blue on the other. The two sides turned green to show when the bag has truly been sealed. So how did our daughter learn this? We discovered a little product called Sesame Street Finger Paint Bubble Bath, which has totally exceeded our family’s expectations.

Our 3-year-old daughter is a big fan of Sesame Street, so my wife and I bought her the package of three colors (Red for Elmo, Yellow for Big Bird and Blue for Cookie Monster).

The paints wash off the bath walls easily and turn into bubbles when they reach the water. But we’ve been amazed at how much we can teach our girl with those three little colored bottles.

With the three primary colors, she can learn how to make the secondary colors of green, orange and purple. The colors are clearly printed on the bottles, so she can learn to spell red, yellow and blue.

I’ve also used our bath time to teach our girl the Spanish words for the colors (rojo, amarillo and azul). After a few practices, I asked her which color she wanted. She responded, “Rojo!”

My wife has concentrated on physical dexterity. Teaching the little tyke how to paint with her feet and elbows, not just her fingers.

The inclusion of the Sesame Street characters really opened up our daughter’s imagination and her willingness to try different things with the paint.

The paints come in 4-ounce bottles, so it’s good to use them sparingly to make them last. The kids can even squeeze the bottles to draw directly on the bathtub walls. Still, it’s important for parents to watch their kids closely when they use the paints (or anytime they are in the tub). Make sure the paints don’t come near bathroom tile, grout or carpeting.

We would wholeheartedly recommend Sesame Street Finger Paint Bubble Bath. Also, if your kids only watch one television show per day (which I confess is not ALWAYS the case in our house) we definitely would recommend Sesame Street! Remember, as Sesame Street always says .. whenever you buy a product your’e doing more then just that, your’e helping to educate children from around the world too!!

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