Imperial Brown Sugar; The Convenience of Pre-Packaged One-Cup Servings

Whether an amateur baker or a professional, maintaining fresh brown sugar is always a challenge. With Imperial Light and Dark Brown Sugars, the freshness guarantee has never been simpler. Packaged in new one cup servings, Imperial has provided the baker with not only an avenue to maintain freshness but also measuring made super easy without the need for a measuring cup!

With baking as my passion, I am frustruated when I reach into my cabinet for the brown sugar and am welcomed with a product that has hardened over time. So that I can use the brown sugar in my recipes, I’ve been known to pull out meat tenderizers and begin pounding away to break the brick of sugar down into something manageable for baking. Once broken into smaller pieces, I then pull out the cheese grater and begin grating the larger clumps into the fine sugar particles I need to ensure the best outcome to my recipe. Fortunately, with my discovery of Imperial’s new Brown Sugar one cup packaging, I’ve found relief in my baking frustration and an improved quality in taste of my final baked products.

Imperial Brown Sugar is a frequently used product in my baking processes at home. Provided in both light and dark brown varieties, the flavor combinations are truly remarkable. With the added benefit of one cup packaging, the ease of measuring the sugar has become easier in addition to guaranteed freshness and retention of moisture each time I use the product. Previously provided as an eight cup packing option, Imperial has continued to work and strive for guaranteed freshness with each use. By continuing to work in re-design of packaging, Imperial is proving to the baking community that cutting edge products will ensure improved freshness, softness and moistness with each use.

Unfortunately, the Imperial Brown Sugar one cup packaging does not come without its disadvantages. With the one cup serving option, saving any unused portion of the cup may not result in guaranteed freshness when the remainder of the one cup serving is used. However, the additional cups, each individually wrapped in their own packaging, will always maintain freshness until each is opened. Additionally, to guarantee supreme packaging and freshness, the one cup packing is significantly more in cost when compared to purchasing a 2 lb bag of the same product. As a result, it is not a product the budget conscious baker may seek to place into expense. As a premier sugar brand, Imperial continues to set the standard in achieving high quality passed on to its consumers.

In summary, Imperial Brown Sugar, in new one cup serving packages, offer many advantages to the baker in terms of guaranteed flavor, freshness and moisture. With the cost involved with purchasing the individual packaging as the major disadvantage to the consumer, the Imperial Brown Sugar one-cup packing product far outweighs the competition in terms of advantages and improves the final outcome in your baking adventure.

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