Improve Your Home to Be Lived In

Improving your home to be lived in can be a rewarding task. Sometimes homes just need an update and can be spruced up really nicely. Don’t wait until you are going to sell your home to finish those small tasks that you could enjoy while you still live there.

PUT OFF TASKS: Are there small odd jobs around your house that you simply haven’t got to yet or haven’t had the time to touch yet. Get to them and fix those small details. If you don’t do it now, you will put it off until you are ready to sell the house. Have you ever heard anyone say, “We are selling our home, so we fixed all the little odd jobs that needed done around the house, and now we don’t want to move out!” Don’t let that happen to you. You could be enjoying those fixes now by simply getting up and getting them done. If you need some motivation, pretend that your house is going to be sold or that some really important guests are coming over and you need to fix all of these odd jobs that need done. If that isn’t enough motivation, plan to have a party in your home. More than likely, simply knowing that all of those guests will be looking at every detail of your home will motivate you to get things fixed and cleaned up.

PAINT: Simply adding a new color to a room can sometimes make all the difference. Simply get a new color, it could be bright and bold or simply and elegant, the change will inspire you to do more. You will want to newly decorate, which doesn’t have to be expensive. Dollar stores and yard sales are great places to find new decor for your newly decorated rooms.

CHANGE THE PATTERN: Maybe you need to change the pattern design in your bedroom or bathroom. Simply buying a new comforter set for your bed can change the entire appearance of your bedroom making it more inviting. You could also change the shower curtain in your bathroom to give a whole new glow to the room and make it more inviting. Maybe you need a new tub in your bathroom to give it an update that it really needs to feel more inviting. Places like bath fitters can come and simply install a new shower stall or bath tub in right over top of your old one. This will give your bathroom an entirely new look and update.

KITCHEN: Sometimes something as simple as putting new door knobs and handles on your kitchen cabinets can enhance the look. You could even consider painting your kitchen cabinets to bring a fresh clean look to your kitchen, if you have older cabinets.

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