The Omni in San Francisco, California Treated Me like Royalty

Upon deciding to meet a bunch of other writers in San Francisco, My friend set about finding the best deals on the Internet. He came up with a package combining both our flights on Delta and a room at the luxurious Omni. Now, spoiled as he is, he considers the Omni to be a middle-of-the-road hotel. I’m not so uppity. I think it’s awesome. Even he has to admit though that this time they impressed him a great deal….

Check in was more than pleasant. We arrived by cab and from the moment our feet hit Omni turf everything was done for us. They opened our doors, brought up our bags, arranged transportation wherever we wished to go, gave us directions and knowledgeable suggestions, turned our bed down every night (complete with chocolates), and even left us a bottle of wine. They even gave us a double upgrade to a California Suite.

Room 1120 is the Parrott Suite and boy is it ever nice. It’s bigger than my apartment in DC was. Seriously. We entered into the living room which first sports a nice large wood desk complete with cable for plugging directly into their free high speed access. There are multiple plugs for your laptop and any peripherals you may have brought with you. Lighting is excellent and the desk chair is quite comfy.

Sitting on this desk was a wine glass filled with chocolate truffles and a bottle of wine along with a personal note welcoming us to the Omni. Nice touch, that.

Past the desk is the large living room with it’s green brocade sofa and two chairs surrounding a very nice wood coffee table filled with magazines. This all faces a huge entertainment center which houses the rather large TV, a DVD-R system, and a Sony CD system pre-programmed with various music types for our listening enjoyment. It was playing romantic classical music when we arrived.

Back through the hall you first come to the spacious closet with wood hangers and 2 plush embroidered robes. Now, we’ve gotten robes before at various hotels and they’re always a bit scratchy… like it’s just too much effort to toss in a bit of fabric softener. Not here! Oh no, these robes were soooo soft. Loved them.

After the closet is the huge bathroom. Not only did they supply nice shampoo, separate conditioner, lotion, and two bars of soap, but they also supplied mouthwash (Scope, I’d bet my life), shower gel, and bath crystals. Now the bath crystals were a bit of a puzzle because there was no bath in this room.. just this enormous shower with nozzles coming out of the wall at varying heights. I adored that shower, but what to do with the bath crystals? I brought those home. heh. On the counter next to the blow dryer, the maid had taken two hand towels and shaped them into a heart along with yet another note. WOW. In addition to all that, there is a shaving/make-up mirror that extends out of the wall next to the huge back mirror which spans the long counter, and under the counter is a rather nice scale, which I tried to ignore (they always lie anyway, right ladies?)

So let’s pull out of the wonderful bathroom for a minute and look at the bedroom. WOW again. Huge comfy king sized bed with the most elegant duvet ever and wonderful mattress. At the foot of this and in the corner is yet another entertainment center, but this one also has everything you need to make a pot of Wolfgang Puck’s coffee in the morning, and the mini-bar. Usual over-priced stuff in the mini-bar so we didn’t touch that at all.. but being a member of their little club thingy, we also got free coffee and orange juice delivered to our room every morning. Sweeeeet.

My friend had forgotten his shaving supplies and didn’t feel like using my girrrly stuff, so he called down to the front desk and apprised them of his dilemma. Within 3 minutes a gentleman was at the door with toothbrush, razer, and shaving cream for him. Great service, that.

If I have one gripe (and I always do), it’s the Internet service. It’s free, which is how it ought to be everywhere, but it’s also wacky at times. When it worked, it was pretty damn fast, but sometimes it got in this weird loop so that no matter what URL you typed in, it redirected us to a page that said you can now access the Internet. Bizarre, that, and ever so annoying when it happened.

For those that need to know, they do have a restaurant that looked pretty nice, and they do offer 24 hour room service. No breakfast is included.

We did also wander down to the exercise room to lift a few free bottles of water that they have out down there and I gotta tell ya, if I was into exercising, I’da been in heaven. Every machine you can imagine was in this beautifully done room.

In spite of contemplating downgrading them for the Internet annoyance, I just can’t do it. Everything else was so perfect that I just have to go with a full 5 stars.

500 California Street (At Montgomery)
San Francisco, CA, 94104


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