Improve Your Mental and Organizational Skills

Do you forget to do many things or make too many mental errors? Do you make the same mistake periodically? Do you lose or misplace items often? I constantly look for ways to improve my mental skills and memory, become organized and make fewer mistakes. You will learn tips I have developed to accomplish these goals.

We will first discuss how you can improve your memory and avoid making mental errors repeatedly. The first way you can do this is to pay attention to your surroundings and everything you do.

I am supposed to turn off the computer in my bedroom before I leave out. The last time I neglected to do this, I forgot because my screen saver went off and the screen went blank. What did I learn to do to make sure I never forget to turn off the computer again? I now know that as I hear the noise of the monitor running before it is time to go, I must turn off the computer.

Another method to use concerning short-term memory is to put urgency into tasks. Immediately do what you must do once you know what must be done. For example, if your spouse calls home and asks you to take ground beef out of the freezer so it will thaw out in time for dinner, it would help to do it now because it will be easy to forget to do it even if you tell yourself you will do it once you get out of bed.

Always look for a foolproof way to avoid making a particular mistake. For example, I am supposed to turn onto a particular street to continue my destination while walking to my local university unless I must go to my bank that is nearby first.

I used to occasionally make the usual right turn onto Beacon Street from Airport Road when I had to visit my bank even though I told myself I had to go directly to the bank and pictured myself doing it. Tired of losing time making this error, I learned to stay on the left side of Airport Road until I walk past Beacon Street. Now that I do this, I never go the wrong way on my way to the bank anymore.

Another great way to remember to do something is to place a reminder note where you will see it. For example, if I need to go to a local radio station’s web site to check the name of a song that just played but am too busy to do it at the moment, I will place a note on my bedroom floor that tells me to visit the station’s site once I am no longer busy.

To increase your odds of solving a crossword or doing well on a quiz, always go with your instinct and write down the answer that first comes to mind. When you take an exam, focus on answering the questions you are more prepared for first to have more time to heavily concentrate while trying to remember the answers to harder questions before your testing time runs out.

We will now discuss how to improve your organizational skills. The first method you can do to achieve this is to conduct a “checkpoint”. For example, if you insist on going to your destination with a meal that contains a specific array of foods, check your container to see if everything you want to eat is in there before you put it by the front door.

Another good way to become organized is to use a good classification system. Put important items in a place you think will be easy for you to find them. Label folders and files and make sure all of your papers are where they are supposed to be.

To avoid losing items you carry, take good care regarding how you carry them. If you have a hole in a pocket on a piece of clothing you wear, do not put an item in that pocket if it is small enough to fall through the pocket hole. If you wear gloves or mittens in cold weather and need to store them when you are not wearing them, place them inside different pockets on your jacket or coat.

Do not overstuff your pockets. Put your smaller gloves inside side pockets and larger gloves inside front pockets or inside pockets. When you lose something, try tracing your steps first.

Schedule a routine and stick to it. It helps to do things in a particular order regularly.

Put these steps to use to improve your mental skills, develop a better memory, become organized and make fewer mistakes!

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