Improving Lung Capacity

Exercises that improve lung capacity also improve cardiovascular functioning. This is because the heart, lungs, and circulatory systems work together to bring oxygen to all parts of the body. That’s their function, and they work as a team to get the job done.

The exercises that condition the heart and lungs are known as aerobic exercises and involve the rythmic movement of long muscles such as those found in the legs and arms. You’ve probably heard a lot about these exercises. The most popular of this form of exercises include walking, swimming, rowing, jogging, ice skating, skiing, dancing and biking to name a few. Yoga, although not an aerobic and rhythmic exercise, also helps to improve lung capacity as does deep breathing exercises.

Other types of exercises, such as weight lifting, stretching, etc., are designed to improve muscle strength and pliability. They are not directly involved with lung capacity and are not included in the aerobic category. Rather, they are known as isometrics and calisthenics, respectively.

One of the best ways to improve lung capacity is to get yourself a dog and RELIGIOUSLY walk several miles a day (perhaps a mile in the morning and a mile in the evening). That way, you have a companion who will work with you on improving your health while you take care of his/her needs as well.

The important thing is to be very religious at working your exercises each and every day. A dog helps you to make that serious commitment. And the two of you can walk your way to better health. Other possibilities include: getting a treadmill or rowing machine for your home gym (but, for it to improve your lung capacity, you must USE it).

At the end of the day, deep breathing and yoga exercises will help to expand your lung capacity while winding down from a busy day. Sitting up straight during the day and walking tall without slumping over also help because your torso is positioned in such a way that your lungs are able to expand to full capacity without being hampered by crouching.

Different exercises target different activities in the body. While weight-lifting and calisthenics work on the muscles of the body, aerobic exercises work on the cardio-pulmonary system, improving the blood flow and the overall oxygen supply that is distributed throughout the body. And it does this by positively affecting the ability of the lungs to take in oxygen from the air and match that O2 to Heme (hemoglobin) receptors in the blood, thereby improving the overall function of the pulmonary (lung) system.

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