Improving Your Home for Free

Was winter hard on your home? Is it just time that some of those small repairs get done? Do you need to add on because the family is getting larger? There are a number of reasons why you might want to embark on a home improvement project but it doesn’t have to cost you your first-born. It is now possible to apply for a grant to do those home improvements and there are a number of places you can go to get them.

There are, of course, some places that will charge you to help you fill out home improvement grants such as On these types of sites you pay a small fee and they compile a list of the grants you can apply for and then you apply. This is okay of course but it is cheaper to do the leg work yourself after all they are only doing research on the internet which you can do too with a little patience. There are also a number of home improvement grants through traditional lending companies such as County Wide Mortgage. These grants are still federally funded but are associated with reputable companies. Again they too are doing the legwork.

By far the best place to ask about and obtain home improvement grants is the Federal Housing Agency. The FHA has a number of programs geared towards those wanting to make improvements especially if the improvement can be worked in with saving energy or improving the value of a home. The Federal Housing Agency can be found on the web at
Another place to look for home improvement grants is the home for HUD. HUD helps many families actually get into homes but will also help with grants for home improvement to meet energy efficiency and such.
When looking for home improvement grants start with the government sites first, after all some of these services is part of what you pay taxes for.

Remember, there is no need to spend your whole paycheck improving your house the government makes it a little less expensive.

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