In Memory of Jocelyn

Jocelyn, My little Angel.

You were Just two.
You counted to 5 and tried on every shoe.
You had shirts for skirts and many hats.

You helped my sweep. You helped me mop.
You put your own laundry away.
You climbed on the counter, and down to the floor.

You’re eyes so blue, and your hair so brown.
I cant ever remember seeing you frown.
Your voice so sweet and your laugh so loud.
I just want you to know you made me proud!

I would find you standing on the toilet.
You’d be brushing you teeth or combing your hair.
You had bows on your fingers and toes.

Just like your sisters, you acted so big.
You wanted to dress up and put on make up.
You liked to play with dolls
and throw blocks down the halls.

You greeted everyone with a smile and a hug.
You shared all your toys.
You weren’t hard to please.

You would say, ” I love you more, I love you most”
You’d say, “I love you to infinity and beyond!”

Jocelyn, you were more then just these simple words.
You’re an angel, you’re a bird.
You are a butterfly. (that’s what Payton said)
I’ll keep looking to the sky and sending prayers.
I hope you hear me when I speak out loud to you.
I know heaven is blessed with your presence.
I wish you were here for Christmas to open presents.

I know there will be a void that none can fill,
but in time that soon will heal.
I wont be sad when I think of you,
I’ll remember you cheering and playing.

Mommy isn’t a poet.
Mommy is sad.
Many other people are sad.
But when we see you in heaven
We’ll be so much more then glad!

I love you Jocelyn “Jossy” Ruby Marie Runyons

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