In-N-Out Burger is Never In and Out

In-N-Out Burger is never in and out. The lines are so long. I think they should change their name to avoid being sued for false advertising.

My last visit to the In-N-Out hamburger stand was just like any other. I waited in line. I ordered my burger and fries, and then I waited… and waited… and waited. Eighteen minutes went by before I had the nerve to let them know that I didn’t appreciate being misled. Waiting 18 minutes for fast food is not In-N-Out.

After 23 minutes had transgressed, my food arrived hot and savory. Afterall, that’s why people go to In-N-Out. They have the best fast food burgers on the market. Their fries come from fresh potatoes and are diced on site. There is a reason the wait is so long. It’s because the food is good and affordably priced. I love going there!

What I don’t like is waiting 23 minutes for a hamburger at an In-N-Out fast food joint. That’s just bad advertising, and the chain is lucky they haven’t encountered a lawsuit so far for false advertising. It might be time to modify.

Modifying is a serious business for the Snyder family, owners of the In-N-Out hamburger chain. They’ve had the same menu for over 50 years. They’ve always been privately owned and they have never franchised any units. Their principles have taken them to the top of the fast food business and I applaud them for it. In-N-Out salaries are very competitive, the service is always outstanding, and the 50’s style is a refreshing blast from the past. The problem is that the amount of business they do could seriously turn them into the joke of the game.

If I know the Synders, I know that they are a tough family and willing to endure a little cornballing, but this is the founding principle. It’s the name! They have to protect it’s integrity.

How they go about protecting it is beyond my estimation. The attack is light hearted, a mere crack in an otherwise cemented foundation, but all that crack needs to become one giant hole is somebody who doesn’t take it so lightly; somebody who sees it as an opportunity to capitalize beyond a point of fascination. I prey for In-N-Out. I don’t want to see some no good scoundrel squeeze them because their business is so good and they don’t know how to market it!

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