Inexpensive Homemade Halloween Costumes for Infants

Why buy expensive costumes for your infant when the cutest costumes can be made right at home? Just a few simple steps for each costume and you’re on your way to winning that “Best Costume” contest!

1.The Farmer in the Dell

If your little munchkin already has a pair of overalls, you’re halfway there! Dress him up in jean overalls and a plaid or plain, white t-shirt. For one last touch, cut a mustache out of white felt and hot glue it to the front of his pacifier. Now he’ll be content while looking like the cutest farmer at the party.

2.Ol’ Bessie

Making an infant cow costume is inexpensive and easy. First, grab yourself some white sweatpants and a white, hooded sweatshirt. Next, cut some spots out of a piece of black felt and use fabric glue to attach the spots randomly on the sweatpants and sweatshirt. Then, for the ears, cut two triangles from your black felt and hot glue or sew these onto the hood of the sweatshirt. No cow is complete without a tail though. Braid some black yarn and hot glue or sew these to the back of the sweatpants. You can finish off the outfit with alternating white and black socks on his hands and feet.

3.Glowing Skeleton

This one is a little more labor intensive but so worth it! First you will need some black sweatpants and sweatshirt (hood is optional). Then, cut bones out of some white felt. If you weren’t born an artist, no fear! Just type in “skeleton” into Google and you’ll have some excellent examples in no time. Next, the bones need some magic. Grab some glow-in-the-dark fabric paint to lather onto the white felt bones. These will need to dry overnight. Then, use fabric glue to attach the bones onto the sweats. Have your little one wear black socks on his hands and feet. Don’t forget to charge up the glow-in-the-dark paint by sitting it next to a light before you go out. If it starts to dim while you’re trick-or-treating, just whip out that flashlight and give it some more juice!

4.Mummy’s Little Bundle of Joy

Here’s another one that could even be made the day of the festivities. All you need is a set of white sweats with a hood. It’s easier if your little one is wearing the sweats before you wrap her, but in the interest of uncomplicated diaper changes later, you can also wrap the outfit without her in it. Using any sort of bandage or even toilet paper, wrap the sweats from top to bottom. Fabric glue or stitch the bandages in several different spots to hold them in place. There is no need to tack down every square inch as it gives more of a mummy effect. Make sure to leave some bandages hanging. Slap some white socks on her feet, and hands if she’ll let you and away you go!

5.Baby Buccaneer

Last but not least, make your little one into the cutest pirate this side of Port Royale. First, dress him up in black pants and a white shirt. If they aren’t clothes he’ll wear again, give the bottoms of the legs and ends of the sleeves a little flair by ripping or cutting them jaggedly. Next, cut some red and white striped fabric into a large enough square that can be folded in half and tied around his head. Lastly, use some brown eyeliner or Halloween face makeup to give him a beard or mustache. Because this is an infant costume, don’t add earrings or other pirate extras that your little one might choke on.

There is no need to throw down $40 or more for a one-time wear infant costume. With a little ingenuity, your little one will show up with a one-of-a-kind look for all to see!

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