Inexpensive Ways to Play with and Thrill Your Cat

Yesterday my cat was so bored that every time I would make eye-contact with her, she would meow at me. Does your indoor cat sometimes get bored, too? If she does get bored, why not make a list of things your cat enjoys doing; when she starts acting bored, get the list out of the drawer and choose one thing to do with her. You won’t have to think very hard, and your cat will appreciate something new to do. Here are a few ideas – all either free or inexpensive – for your list:

1. Twist-tie
Keep a stash of twist-ties that you get from the grocery store, and drop one on the floor for her every once in a while. She will probably pounce right on it.

2. Mirror
Set out a mirror on the floor. When she discovers it, she can look at herself in it. When she realizes that she can see the rest of the room in it, she may just sit there for a good 10 minutes.

3. Cat Nip
Buy some inexpensive cat nip for her, and store it in the freezer. Just sprinkle a teaspoon of the cat nip onto the floor for her, and she will roll around in it for a while.

4. Ping Pong Balls
Roll a ping pong ball across the room or bounce it, and she’ll be thrilled with the sound it makes and how light-weight it is. She’ll be chasing it around the room in no time.

5. Empty Box
Get out an old box and open it up. She will most likely want to get in and out of it for a little while. Better yet, place a ping pong ball inside the box and let her bat it around in there.

6. Open Window
Open up a window (that has a screen). She probably will go and sit next to it immediately to enjoy the sounds outside as well as the fresh air.

7. Shoe Lace
Take a shoe lace off an old shoe (or buy an inexpensive pack of laces). Drag it slowly behind you on the floor and watch her eyes narrow on it until she pounces!

8. Nail File
Get out a nail file and start filing your nails. It’s possible that you have a kitty who will be attracted to the sound and come to take a swing at it.

9. Furniture Relocation
Move her bed or cat tree to another spot. Doing so will make it new to her, and she’ll spend more time hanging out there.

Those are 9 pretty convenient things for you to do with your cat – one for each life. Use these ideas (or some of your own) for your own list. And the next time your cat gives you that bored “meow!,” don’t think too hard about what to do. Just get out your prepared list of ideas. Your kitty will be thrilled!

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