Install PhpBB in Your CPanel

Setting up a phpBB forum from your cPanel is pretty straight forward. With just a few clicks you can have your forum up and running. Forums are a great way for users to interact with each other on your website. And phpBB in my opinion is one of the best forum packages available today. PhpBB is a full featured forum that allows users to send private messages, multiple forums, search functions, and much more. To get started you will need to log into your cPanel of your hosted account and follow the steps below.

Step One
After you have logged into your cpanel, look for a link to “Fantistico”. Fantistico is the front end for installing many applications like phpBB on your website. Once Fantistico is opened you will have a myriad of applications that you can install. However for this article we will focus on phpBB. So click on phpBB2. PhpBB2 will be the version that you are installing.

Step Two
Now that you have the phpBB Install info page up. You will be able to view current installations of phpBB. You can use this page to uninstall phpBB if you decide to do so after installation. Fantistico will also show links mostly to related content such as the phpBB forum and homepage. For now we will focus on a new installation, so click on that link. You will need to ensure that the space required for phpBB is available.

Step Three
The next screen will list boxes for you to define your site details, such as the name of the site, admin username, password, etc. The part we will focus on is the directory that the forum will be installed in. Usually this will be named ‘forum’ or ‘forums’, or maybe you would like to call it something totally different like ‘bbs’. This will be fine. Once you have all the details filled out. Simply press “Install phpBB2”. This will start the installation process.

Step Four
You will now be presented with a screen that will tell you the details of the installation. Ensure everything is right, and then click on “Finish Installation”. Now you will see the links to the forum and link to the admin panel of the forum. Click on each and ensure they work and you are able to log in with your username and password you supplied in step three.

If everything goes well, you will now have your phpBB forum set up and running. Congratulations, you just installed one of the best forums available in only a few minutes. Now you can customize your forum to your liking and open it up for business.

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