Interesting Websites About Death and Celebrities

One thing we all have in common in death. Another thing many of us share is an interest in the celebrities (the famous and infamous). So, combining these interests seems to be a no brainer. Here are a few of the most interesting websites about death and celebrities, to satisfy our morbid and voyeuristic tendencies.

1. Fine a Grave Here you can look up graves of both celebrities and non celebrities. The pages on celebrities have biographies and photos of the gravesites. You can also submit any information you might have. This is especially useful when it comes to information on the non famous, since it isn’t as detailed as the famous. There is also a discussion board, and for people who want to pay tribute to their favorite person, there is a way to leave a note on their page and even place flowers on the page -at least a picture of flowers. The famous people “buried” here aren’t only those in the sports or entertainment business, but historical figures as well. The Find a Grave website was started by Jim Tipton, and grew out of his hobby of visiting famous gravesites.

2. Dead or Alive? Ever wonder if a celebrity is still alive? This is one of the best websites to find that out. You can see deaths by date, by the field the person was famous in, and by cause of death. You can also see which celebrities died early (before 30) or who had long lives (after 85). There are even quizzes you can take to test your famous death knowledge. Is the famous person you thought died a long time ago really alive and kicking? There doesn’t seem to be any info on the person who put this website together.

3. Celebrity Death Sites If you’re interested in famous people and death, you probably have an interest in celebrity murder. This website lists celebrities whose deaths happened because of murder or suicide. Not only does it list the celebrities but also gives the addresses of where the incidents happened, with pictures of the places. This page is part of a website all about Hollywood, which also gives information on the living celebrities.

4. Top Earning Dead Celebrities Death shouldn’t get in your way of making a living, should it? Forbes’ website has a list of celebrities who are still raking it in after their deaths. The front page has a list of the top 13 dead money makers, with links to individual pages to find out how much they made. The top earner in 2005? Elvis Presley.

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