Internet Adoption Registries and Procedures

There are certain facts about how adoption internet registries work that you’ll need to know so you can be successful on your journey to find birth parents, or for an adoptee search. Internet adoption registries have different processes for the type of registry they are. Knowing what you’re doing and how to do it, will save you wasted time and effort in your adoption search.

Registries are a good adoption resource for both the birth parents and the adoptee. The factors to consider about the registries below will help you decide what kind there are, and which one you would like to join. Remember; the more you register with, the better chance you’ll have at concluding your search.

� Passive Internet Adoption Registry. This type is considered passive because it is based as a mutual consent registry. A mutual consent registry is one in which both parties; the birth family and adoptee must register for a match to be made. There is a fee involved with the process, and contact is made by an Internet email informing the parties of the match. The data bases of information are kept offline for anyone to view.

� Active Internet Adoption Registry. A fee is associated with this type of Internet adoption registry, but you are free to search.

âÂ?¢ Voluntary Internet Adoption Registry. In this type there is a fee, but you’ll be able to openly contact the other with your information.

Knowing as much as you can about your adoption can help you in narrowing down the different type of boards that you’ll need to join. Check out the different type of Internet adoption boards below for the adoptee and birth family searchers.

� State Specific Registries
� Cultural and Racial Registries
� Special Needs Registries
� International Registries
� Adoptee Registries
� Birth Parent Registries
� Country Specific Registries
� Sibling Registries
� Religious Centered Registries
� Foster Care Centered Registries
� Black Market Adoption Registries
� Orphan Registries

Don’t forget that when you register with an Internet adoption registry you can find other useful information too. There is often adoption boards to post on, and you can at certain adoption websites, post pictures, and other tidbits of information. A good way to find the emotional support that you’ll need on your adoption search is to join one, or even several, that have an active adoption chat. In a chat you can find other tips and trick on searching, and there might be an adoption Search Angel that is an active participant on the Internet adoption registry board that you join. Be aware though, most boards will not tolerate any type of solicitation whether paid or not, to help an adoptee or birth family member in finding each other. Follow the rules and guidelines set out for each individual board because you can be terminated from participating and chatting with others. You’ll then loose the chance to find out other types of information that you might not know about.

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