Internet Marketing Strategies for a Tight Budget

When it comes to Internet marketing, time is money and money is sometimes hard to come by. Everyone knows sometimes it takes money to make the kind of money you really need and want. However, when you are on a tight budget, that money might be a little too hard to squeeze. Don’t stress yourself out too much, however, because there are some awesome ways to market your business online even when you have a tight budget.

Ask a local celebrity to endorse your product or service

Although having a worldwide celebrity endorsing your business and product is something that very much appeals to everyone, this can’t always happen. However, why not try a local celebrity? A local celebrity is someone in your neighborhood or surrounding area that your newspaper is writing about. This could be a news reporter, teacher, or even someone who did something that was important enough to be in the paper, such as a local hero. In order to get them to endorse your product, all you will need to do is find a way to contact them, which shouldn’t be too hard since they live close to you. You can contact them by phone or email and ask them if they would like to try your product. If they say yes, ask them if you can follow up with them in a few days for an interview to discuss how they liked your product. You can also ask them to tell everyone they know about your product to get the word out. Use the interview to make an Internet marketing blog post about how they liked your service or product.

Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a powerful and free website that allows for you to get the word out about your business and product. You can use it to network with others, create groups to tell others about your product, and even market your website content. You might be surprised with the results you get.

Guest Blogging

This is one way to actually get your website or blog content about your product and business out by getting published in niche and popular blogs and websites. You can either do this yourself by writing your own content and contacting blog or website owners or you can hire a writer and guest blogging expert to do this for you. Either way you will be able to get the word out about your business and product by doing this. You can offer the blog owner a certain amount of your product or service for free in exchange for doing this for you.

Use YouTube

You can also create videos about your business and product and put them on YouTube. YouTube is very popular so this is a great way to get the word out about your product or service. Once you make the video and upload it to YouTube, make sure to promote it to everyone you know and put it on your social networks for everyone to see.

These are all great ways to market yourself while on a tight budget. Using these simple and mostly free ways to get the word out about your service or product will ensure you become successful over time.

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