Investing in Silver for Real Profits

In the past two decades, there have been several major booms(and busts) in the stock market. These booms marked major shifts in the economy and major profits were lost and found. One of the most well known booms was in the dot-com boom, spearheaded by the Microsoft revolution in computer operating systems. If you had the foresight and were lucky enough to get in at the right time, you could have feasibly become a millionare by now. Another well known shift was in the online shopping market, where led the way and the profits followed those(who followed it). Again, this was a situation involving skill and luck, lots of luck.

It’s easy to look at past stock market spikes, with the luxury of hindsight. The “if only I got in…” people tend to see the stock market as missed oppurtunities, without appreciating its inherent dangers. Frankly, there is no such thing as a single winning stock. If you think like this as an investor, you will lose in the end. In fact, even if you spread your risk among many stocks, your chances of gain are tenuous. No one can tell you that there are certainties in the market. This is an absurdity. No one can even tell you what your chances are of gain. This too is an absurdity. There are simply too many variables for the success and demise of a company.

The best any advisor or planner can do for you is give you the funddamentals of a company and tell you that it looks like a good buy, with potential.

There is, however an alternative to the stock market for the beginning investor. Silver. That’s right, Silver. That shiny thing that has been around for thousands of years and makes for good dining wear and jewelry. That thing that is always mentioned alongside gold, as a symbol(?) of money. In fact, silver is not just for the beginnning investor it should be a vital part of anyone’s investment portfolio, especially now.

There are many reasons to look into silver as a kind of investment. Silver is indispensable for a myriad of industrial uses. In fact, there are at least seventy five industrial uses for which silver is considered irreplaceable. The most notable uses are for film in cameras and in computers. A small amount is used for computer laptops. Silver is industry standard for many vital industries. There simply is no substitute for this precious metal in many cases.

However varied and important its uses are, silver as an investment is the much larger story. And it’s a story that begins with none other than it’s kissing cousin, Gold.

Unless you have been buried in a hole for months or just don’t follow the news, you would have discovered that gold is on the rise and has been for the last four to five years(gradually). Currently, the spot price for gold is at around 568.00 per ounce. Silver is now trading at around 9.50 and ounce. Dirt cheap! In fact, silver is undervalued at least three times under its historical value(15:1, silver: gold). This is with less available silver than ever in history. We have literally reached the physical limit as to the amount of mineable silver.

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