Is Poor Content Bringing Down Your Search Engine Rankings?

You’ve paid money to get great search engine optimized content for your website, or did you?

The popular method of getting search engines to rank your website is to produce quality unique content. The fad these days are for getting as many quality content articles as possible. People pay thousands to get hundreds of little articles under specific keywords.

However, not all content articles are created equal. Is your content doing what it is supposed to?

Keywords in Content

Your content needs to have specific keywords that match with your business. If the keywords you have bring in visitors but you do not get the actions or sales you should be, there is something wrong.

Another thing is keyword flooding. You actually can have too many keywords in an article. If you have more than ten keywords in your article, it’s way too much.

Grammatical Errors in Content

If you have content with the keywords you want, the last thing you need are articles with incorrect grammar. Forfeiting grammar for swiftness really can drag your page rankings down.

Remember, not only do search engines have to find it, but also visitors have to read it. If you content gets once glance and then your visitor leaves, search engines may detect this. This may bring you down in search engine rankings.

You Get What You Pay For with Content

If you’ve been creating your own content or paying people who are not writers to write your content, you could be missing out. Good quality content requires great writing.

Save yourself the trouble. With a handful of articles you could easily be at the top of high quality search engines. It is all about the quality of the content.

Good content has specific keywords of your choosing entered only five or six times, including in the header and minor headers. It has to be grammatically correct and easy to ready for visitors. Short, simple sentences and paragraphs are best.

Don’t waste anything more on your content. Get a great freelance writer to help you if you need. With great content, you’ll see changes within a couple of weeks, if not sooner. Good content is competitively priced though you should find great quality starting at about ten cents a word.

So change your outlook on what your content is supposed to do. With a few edits and changes, your content could be doing its job. Is yours doing what you want?

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