Free Ways of Advertising Your Business

Getting the word out about your business is never a bad thing as it helps in getting more clients and thus expanding your customer base. However, it does come with a price tag and needs to be carefully planned and executed in order to ram home the message.

There are ways in which this can be done for free. This needs a bit of out of the box thinking and certainly more planning in order to help in being successful. Using the right tools and good execution, you can take advantage of free ways of advertising your business.


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    Social Media Pages

    Social media sites such as Facebook and Google Plus are excellent option for this purpose. Make a free page and let the clients on these websites know about your business. This is quickly becoming an effective tool and even large corporations are using it to get the word out. It has to be ensured though that these pages are constantly updated and queries are answered without any delays.

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    The micro blogging website seems to be a great tool for this purpose as well. As the number of followers increases, this kind of advertisement gets more effective. Since it only takes a minute to add a new tweet, it can be done several times a day without much hassle. You can talk about all your business and send a strong message out quickly.

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    Word of Mouth

    Ask your clients to let friends and family know about your good work. Pleased clients can bring you up to seven new ones as is shown by a research. So with some good work, you can certainly have a lot more clients through word of mouth.

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    Google Places

    Have your presence on the Google Places. When someone will be looking for attractions in a given place or looking for specific kinds of businesses, you will be visible as well.

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    Media Coverage

    This can be done in many ways. You can request a local columnist to mention you or ask a local radio or even television channel to give you some air time. This can be done with the help of hosting an event that is related to your line of work. It can be something charitable in nature which also leaves a good impact.

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